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Secret of Transformation: Know Your Desires for It


The secret of transformation is knowing exactly your desires for it. Until then, you cannot expect real transformation to happen.

Changes are inevitable, but not transformation. We can expect changes in our relationships, but we will not be certain if it will change for the better or for the worst. Therefore, in order for us to see changes in a way that we want, we should have goals or plans.

If you take a glimpse into the condition of your relationship, then you should have an idea of what to do with it. Knowing the status of our relationships through assessment will allow us to move on. We will know why we have to transform it and how do we want to do it.

Keep in mind that relationships must thrive beyond the now. The question is, how do you see your present relationships in the future? Do you still want it the same as it is at the moment? Or you want you to renew it?

The Secret of Transformation Allows Changes to Happen Naturally

If changes happen naturally or spontaneously, transformation happens willfully, mindfully and wholeheartedly. Transformed relationships are not products of spontaneous events or natural occurrences; it is a result of a willing mind and a loving heart that values relationships, others, commitments, and personal being. Changes may come and go without our cooperation, but transformation only comes with our own volition.

Having a Better Desire for Transformation

Transformation of a relationship happens when we generate a perspective of transformation in the relationship. This means that we have to picture out or have a mental image of the relationship undergoing the transformation. This is especially recommended if there is something that you do not like in the relationship. Consideration alone creates the context for transformation (Smothermon, 1982).

Our goals or plans for the relationship must be nurtured by higher values and positive outlook, guided by the object of our desires for transformation. We must have a desire that we can look forward and work out to achieve. And, let these desires be good enough for us not to give up.

Following Jesus’ Relationship with His Disciples

Moreover, as you look at your present relationships, find in your heart the longing to develop a transformed relationship like that of Jesus with His disciples – humble, compassionate, selfless, full of service and God-centered.

When our desires for our relationships to be transformed are bigger than our willingness to stay in their present forms, then we already have a big step toward transformation.

Now, the question is, how great is your desire to transform your relationship? Are you willing to follow the secret of transformation? Let the Lord know your plans for your relationship. Lift up and sync your relationship to His perfect will and let God take control over what you cannot do for your relationships.

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