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Real Transformation and Your Present Relationships

Use what God has already equipped you with

Once we know the real meaning of transformation and relationships, it is now easy to understand and develop a transformed relationship. Knowing that we are merely incapable of surviving without a relationship, then it should be our utmost need to put value on the relationships that we have. The moment we give worth and significance to relationships is when transformation in the relationship begins.

Assessing Your Present Relationships Is Necessary for Real Transformation

First and foremost, you have to consider assessing your relationships. Plans and actions come only after a thorough and knowledgeable assessment of the present situation. Your own knowledge of your relationships is also a thing to consider in aiming for transformation.

How do you see your relationships? What are the relationships that matter to you? How do you value these relationships? Do you want to transform your relationships? Should you keep this relationship and make it thrive? Will you give your best to hold onto it? What do you get in that relationship? Will you become better with it or without it?

Know Why Relationships Work or Fail

If the relationship that you are in does not transform or lead you in becoming a better person, then you are probably with the wrong one or in the wrong one or you may also be the wrong person in that relationship. There are so many reasons and conditions why relationships work or fail, and that is why the first step in transforming relationships is to determine and figure out these reasons and conditions.

Keep in mind that we cannot fix a thing if we do not know what part is damaged. In relationships, we really cannot develop improvements if we do not know its present condition. Therefore, we really have to assess our relationships and see what we need to change, improve, or remove. Again, transformation is not just about the changes in form, but also the value of it. Know the value of that relationship to you and determine if you can add more to it to transform it.

Some Thoughts to Ponder Over

1. Assess your present relationships. Take time to judge the status of each.

2. Are you happy and satisfied with all of your relationships? In what ways?

3.  Are there any reasons for you to be unhappy in your relationship? What are these?

4. What are the areas that you think you can improve more on in terms of how you relate with others?

5. Ask the Lord for guidance as you constantly assess your relationships, and let the God of truth lead you into a better perspective of your own relationships.

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