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The Power Of Prophecy Is Working On Your Behalf!

Did you know that the Power of Prophecy is always working for you.

Getting to the place called there is easy if you know where to begin.  The Holy Spirit revealed to me while I was writing this blog that the enemy is after your “catch.” The enemy is behind the scenes planting seeds of destruction against everything you have worked so hard to accomplish. But I hear God saying, “ALL IS NOT LOST!”

The Power of Prophecy can help you gain loss in your life

“God also bearing them witness, both with signs and wonders, and with divers miracles, and gifts of the Holy Ghost, according to his own will?”
(Hebrews 2:4)

Click Here and Sign Up for a Free prophecy,  find out how God have given us a Prophet of God to help us to understand what is happening in your life.

“Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful.”(Psalm 1:1)
Manifesting the abundant life was never meant to be a cake walk. When treasure is lost at sea it takes great persistence and determination to stay the course and locate the lost treasure. Nothing in your life just happens. Every struggle contains an answer to locating your treasure. Take a good look at yourself, because you are not the same person that find will find the hidden treasure. God started by relocating Abram and He fulfilled the promise with Abraham. Never allow the enemy to trick you into disqualifying how you started.
“Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.”

(Isaiah 41:10)


You can have whatever you can imagine, with the Power of Prophecy

  • When you make up your mind that you want God’s best for your life, it is magnetized to you.
  • When you trust your intuition, you are placed on the road to success.
  • Doubt can never win a conversation about greatness.

The Holy Spirit revealed to me that you are about to live a life without regrets. The enemy will always make himself known, but you have been commanded to fight the good fight of faith. You are required now by the Holy Spirit to continue to take the high road. Every breakthrough that you experience is proof that the storms of life are coming to an end. As your personal prophet, I can reassure you that God is not withholding any good thing from you.

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143 thoughts on “The Power Of Prophecy Is Working On Your Behalf!

  1. Elisa Masindi says:

    We are really serving a great god.his promise is true.he is faithful. His glory must be seen to us his children.

    • Grace Gaelebale says:

      Amen GOD is good and he is great everything the prophecy has prophesise its true but it seems im losing the bettle cos the enermy is powerful im sinking deeper and deeper ,my marriage is coming to an end i feel like fixing it i plan for business its coming true i stay at my parents house i dont have a house im sick seek help from God pls help

      • Dixie Evans says:

        Buy the book THE LOVE DARE it was mentioned in the movie Fireproof about one person’s desire to make their marriage Fireproof ! Then pray GOD’S WORD EVERY DAY SPEAKING OUT LOUD HIS WORD & STOP saying negative things like my marriage is sinking instead say OUT LOUD many times a day Set A watch before my mouth oh LORD & Keep the door to My Lips Psalms 141:3 & GOD does not give me a Spirit of fear , but one of Power Love & A Sound Mind 2 Timothy 1:7 & MY GOD will supply all of my needs according to his riches in Glory Thru CHRIST JESUS My LORD & SAVIOR Phillipines 4:19 & GOD Bless You Both

        • Matshidiso Sharon says:

          Amen indeed nothing is impossible with god he gave us the authorities and power to command an cast everything in our lives,may his glory endures forever he DESERVE all the honour an the praise,victory belong to Jesus Christ the messiah.Amen

      • Getrude says:

        I would love to receive information on the power of prophecy

      • aude says:

        Grace I’m so hurt with everything that’s happening to you but our father the Lord in haven have already a solution to your problem just believe that . your problem have been sorted already by your faith everything is possible


    • Duyonica Bourne says:

      We are serving a great god and I’m thankful in every area of my life

    • Samson says:

      The word of God is truth, ruler, mirror, way, light

    • Samukhele says:


    • Connie Ndou says:

      Glory be to God we save the living God always

    • Livhu says:

      Sometimes I feel like I’m loosing it whenever I tell myself that I don’t want to engage myself in sin i find myself doing it,it is holding me back.,at the end I’m telling myself that i can and I will reach my goals cos,God will fight all my battles for me does not matter how big it is.

    • Selina says:

      May god fight my enemies for me.they’ve seen hating isn’t they start telling lies.may God of mercy help me.he’s my trust.

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  4. Mr Sulpisio Sammy Mutevera says:


    • Samukhele says:

      I remember my first time using lion of juda,,, iwas straggling,, sometimes go to bed with an empty stomach, but now iam highly favoured

      • Faye says:

        I wud like a breakthrough. My one son for his health and finances. As well as my other son who is innocently been Vought in money laundering. He thought it was just to up his credit scoring. The other parties has been telling him all acc to open and has made sets on his name aswrll as to buy to houses. There is conflict as my son just want to be freed from all this. I the mother approached the other parties in a collabarite problem solving approach . However promises of all accounts to be paid in full was made. But no action
        I am led to go face to face tmrw with a more assertive approach. Implicating the seriousness of possible prosecution of fraud if this is not dealt with.
        My son was under twenty one at the time
        And is a good son.
        Please give me advise as I want people to take me seriously.
        I have been weak. It took me 15 years to leave my abusive husband. And in total 28 years to finally see my selfworth and set myself free from his bondage aswell ad the Muslim religion.
        I want to show my sons the strong women they have ad a mother and show them my god given purpose
        Please email me. Fayesawka27

        • Hugh G Wetmore says:

          Dear Faye, God has a word for you in Romans 15:4,5 – Read the whole, though I excerpt a few words: “Through endurance and the encouragement of the scripture we might have hope. May the God who gives endurance and hope give you a spieit of unity as you follow Christ Jesus”. Your family experience is tough, and God wants you to have endurance – endurance and encouragement. Jesus says “the pagans run after all these material things like financial wealth etc. But you must seek first his kingdom and his righteousness and all you need will be given to you as well” Matt 6:32,33. Don’t be deceived by people who promise you worldly wealth, prosperity. As you have experienced, there are many scams and fraudsters, even among so-called Christians. Psalm 12 and jeremiah 5 warn us – “don’t trust anyone”. Jeremiah 6:14 warns against false prophets who deceive us saying “Peace, where there is no peace.”. Chapter 23 exposes propherts who preach popular messages that say what the people want to hear – see also Galatians 1:10 and 1 Thessalonians 2:4-16. God promises suffering and hardship to his followers – and that’s what most of them received. Very few Christians in the Bible were wealthy and prosperous. John 15:18-16:4 and 2 Timothy 3:12. because “some people who are eager for money have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs” (perhaps this is what your son experienced.) God warns against Prophets who say “that godliness is a means to financial gain” True wealth is “contentment” – 1 Timothy 6:5-10. Consider these teachings, and avoid the desire for material wealth. Seek contentment. It is in the context of seeking “contentment” that God promises to “meet all your needs” philippians 4:10-19. I pray for you now as you ponder God’s word in these scriptures.

  5. Gary Kunitz says:

    Doing God Real Work thankyou..appreciate it !!

  6. Kumi Joshua says:

    Amen. The God who located Abram should locate us and fulfill his promises in our lives through the power of prophecy.

  7. leyla says:


  8. Veronica says:

    Please pray for me for financial problem and work and my busness . pray for me to protect end to enemies with my family.
    Pray for peace to my family amen

    • Chev says:

      Help me to thanks God. Because I here happy receiving grace and blessungs which were an ounce a long time ago go through the prophecy
      He is amazing my God. !!!!

    • cnlebese,ineed prayers says:

      I’m Charles, have much problems that I cant handle it please help me god

  9. Lori A Carpenter says:

    im having a hard time in my life. im disabled and i don’t make much money so I don’t have the $37 right now. I just pray that you understand and God bless you….

  10. Melvin Manzini says:

    I thank you lord for loving me so dearly I believe you chose me to be your servant in this world and I am available to be used by you lord because I am a seed of Abraham and I thank you for blessing me without measure I receive all spiritual and financial blessings .shalom

  11. Tyrone Da Leary says:

    I need a word from God. Me and my wife have been sowing seed giving tithes and all of that. We were going to this church and the bishop was not doing what he was supposed to do so god removed him. Now we are with someone else and seems like do much is going wrong in our life since we left the church where the bishop was. I feel like job. I just want to be where god wants us to be. Where we are she is saying we are were we need to be. Met another pastor he is saying god said we are to be with him. We are so confused. Which god is not the author of confusion. We need to be in the place where god wants us to be. Feel like we are in a hole and our obedience will get us out of this hole. All we want is to serve god. Im a minister in training.

    • Nondumiso Ndlela says:

      A Blessed Morning ☕
      *In Tounges if you can. If not it’s fine
      Prayer points title/Topic
      *Acknowledge God About your Situation. (Father in the Name of Jesus Christ Name As we begin to pray now, The scripture says we should 1st Acknowledge you about what in our thoughts before concluding on soultion..
      We are apologize for doing now , being by last place to seek for restriction.
      Please release wisdom and knowledge into us by the power of the Holy spirit.
      Which will assist us to hear the sound of your voice and follow your instructions and Commands

      We kindly ask if you can please, lead the foot steps of our feets in your direction.
      So that our paths will be coming your will Amen.
      And renew our bodies and increase our Faith so that we will grow spiritually the way you expect us to.
      If we missed out what you were expecting us to claim today please put the words in our heart..
      We declare we have received the spirit language AMEN And Amen Again
      God bless you love:
      Miss Nondumiso P Ndlela

      • thembani mqana says:

        i love what you saying my sister that we should acknowledge god about our situation that is true it relates to what iam going true and sometimes my heart and mind they convince each other,but i guess its time to let god in and wait patiently until the right time cause his time is the best time.glory to god amen

      • ZOLISWA MASETI says:


    • URSULA says:

      We must be very careful not to plant our seed on “bad” soil i.e. in a ministry where the LEADER/S OF THAT CHURCH ARE NOT LIVING UPRIGHT then the devouring spirit begins operating in our lives.

    • Sherie Peace Foulkes says:

      Minister to anyone and everyone you meet in need a building is not required to do gods will and work. Just look around people are hurting everywhere. Share God’s love and mercy with them. That’s how I live to honor God Christ and his people who need help outside the church.

  12. Akhona precious Ntsali says:

    The lord is my shepard i shall not wsnt

  13. baba motaung says:

    Hallelujah to god be the Glory, I will repossess what ever the devil has stolen, by fire by force I’m assigning the angels to relocate and bring back my possessions. Thank you for accurate prophecy.

  14. Samukhele says:

    Iam highly favoured and anointed by the. Lion of juda

  15. tharollo malele says:

    I receive in Jesus name,the devel is a lier,everything is possible in the power of Lord,May the Lord remove all the dark clouds in my life

  16. Sindis says:

    Amen keep me always in prayers thank U so much

  17. Dinah says:

    I serve a living god,he is the messiah,i fear no evil,i saw his mercy,i love my father in heaven he has done so many things in my life.hallelujah!

  18. Emily pta says:

    I will restore the life of my children and will course them to posses the land of their ancestors. Let the glory of god be unto his children. Thank you father for caring for me and my children

  19. angelia johnson says:

    Bless u an hope u an yours. Have the merrist of xmas godbless please keep me an my family in prayer

    • Mrs.Dixie Evans says:

      Angelina Please Honey do Not use X Mas for a shortcut spelling Christmas
      It takes CHRIST OUT of Christmas people want that to X out CHRIST they also want us to say Happy Holidays instead of Merry CHRISTMAS So they dont have to say the name of CHRIST GOD Bless You Dear You & All your Family

      • Hugh G Wetmore says:

        Maybe some use X for the ‘unknown quantity’ but it is really a useful abbreviation for Xristos – the Greek word for Christ. Just as the Greek letter ‘theta’ is an abbreviation for ‘theos’ = God.

  20. angelia johnson says:

    God bless very inspiring an heart touching

  21. Omega ngubane says:

    All he needs from us is unweavering belief in him, and him alone, the lord Jesus acknowledged those.

  22. Thandile says:

    I thank god for my life,hes been so faithfully to me.i will never stop praying him.

  23. busisiwe says:

    i thank God for all he has ever done for me n my family

  24. Nonhlanhla Nelisiwe Msane says:

    In Jesus name No weapon formed against me and my family shall prosper. I claim every blessing that God has showered upon us.I receive all the blessings in the name of Jesus. I decree and declare no doors will be closed for my family even I generations to come. I speak life abundantly
    Greater is he that is in me

  25. Busisiwe Precious Segopolo says:

    We are serving a leaving god the true and the only one glory to him

  26. Cordelia Litsoane says:

    with God all things are possible.Amen

  27. Cordelia Litsoane says:

    Holy Ghost resharpen me,refire me,restore me,rebuild me in the name of Jesus.Amen

  28. Sebolelo says:

    Thank u Holly spirits for the accurate prophecy abt my enemies who shown themselves to me redarding my death for what I have worked hard for. Thank u father for your word that is my lamp


    May the same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead lives in me, may god give me new heart . god is in control amen and amen

  30. Lisa Luke says:

    I have the gift to see from God…I had a dream about the church I use to attend. at the church and I had a position in the church and I was in my office. the pastor walked in flurting and I told him what he doing in my office, then his wife was outside listening and walked in she had a smiled on her face and greeted me, but her face looked like she aged 30 years in a bad way over night what does this dream mean?

  31. kutlwao says:

    god is my everything through the power of the holy spirit

  32. innocentia dlamini says:

    Greater is he that is inside of me than he that is in the world…..I confess with my mouth that jesus christ is the lord and my savour….
    glorrrryy to God

  33. Gabo says:

    Glory to God. Praise god, lord I wanna thank you for saving my soul. None like you’re holy name….All nations will rise to worship you mighty God. May god strengthen all of you in the precious name of Jesus …Amen

  34. felicia younger says:

    lord i ask that u heal every ailment in the name of jesus



  36. Angela says:

    God is good all the time. And all the time he is good

  37. Nomcebo says:

    I thank god for a life that has given to me my family amen

  38. fungai says:

    I believe in prophecy and accept in Jesus name

  39. Mmakgotso says:

    Jesus is power n Jesus is strength in him we shall prosper,devil is a liar he can’t get over me!!!

  40. Joseph says:

    thanks for the last prophecy. It is so accurate. Glory be to god the almighty

  41. Jodi says:

    My heart is broken, this is not God’s design and purpose for you, so steal, to tell ppl it’s all about relieving treasure! To tell them they will be rewarded for giving money to u, I fear for u in he’ll and what will be done to u, please turn from urban ways, if u are so harden hearted that this is something I’ll brush off then let that be urban sign, repent and give back, bring ppl to know Jesus….truly

  42. Tarisai Jackson. says:

    No weapon formed or fashioned against me shall prosper. I serve a miracle working God, who will stop at nothing until lam safe. I claim it and l receive my blessing, portion and my call and my purpose. My gifts from God are mine for His glory and for His Kingdom. Thank you Lord!!! Amen!!

  43. Richard Dlamini says:

    I am a ECG member but my life got no movement though i see other fellow members recieve miracles left and right.i start to ask myself of “what did i do wrong that i’m punished for.i even contributed for church building,I sent prayer requests but still nothing in return.
    Ma of God can you tell me what is wrong.I need to know why my life is like’s better to know of whom are you fighting with that to start thinking technically.

  44. Buziwe says:

    Dear Prophet I don’t know how much is $22.81 in rands can you tell me thank u

  45. margaret says:

    I’m so blessed already although Idint received a letter eyt

  46. Lerato leshomo says:

    I receive the gift of eternal life n I also send angels to relocate n bring back my belongings that the devil had stolen from me in Jesus’name

  47. Rachel says:

    God is good all the time

  48. Jessica Pritchard says:

    Precious Lord, take my hand and leave me home.

  49. China says:

    Prayer request.finantialy break through,recieve my best job,car,house and happiness.Amen

  50. Precious says:

    I give glory To the Lord Jesus for his faithfulness & his mercy

  51. bushman says:

    lookin forward to learn more abt the lord revelation

  52. simon says:

    I trust in God

  53. victor maphane says:

    I believe in the word of prophecy and god is still speaking today. I’m where I am because of the grace of god.

  54. Chuma mukelabai kawana says:

    I thank My father in ☝heaven, who makes all things beautiful in his time for he has seen me through all troubles and he continues to bless me and mine.

  55. Vuyelwa nombewu says:

    This is wonderful keep us posted with the word of God/prophecy

  56. lolo says:

    Da devil is a liar,m more than a conquer in christ

  57. mercy molema says:

    I cant imagine my life without him.if it had not bn his love i dont think i would have came this far.I am nothing without you lord absolutely nothing.I love you Jesus my hero.

  58. GABISILE says:

    The lion of Judah is our saviour. he delivered and restored me. gave me the power and anointed me to pray and heal the sick. he is using me to show his mighty powers to his people. I shall not die but live to proclaim his mighty name………… you JESUS!!!!!!!!

  59. thoko mkwanazi says:

    Just praise me. For I have given you all the keys to your destiny

  60. Tongai Chikata says:

    the year 2016 was not a good year for me but l thank God for his word in the last days through prophecy,so comforting,2017 will be full of testimonies

  61. isaya says:

    isaya,i bealive in God and i know that he can help me fanancialy,breakthrough,counselation of debs,geting job cas im always pyay God to help me,i bealive and i receive my miracle this year,Thank u prophet.Amen

  62. isaya says:

    Isaya,God wil never fail me&i believe in him&2017 is my year,Im pray that my company wil get Tender this year so that i wil tanx for God what he is done for me,Amen

  63. niklaas says:

    The good lord is my saviour and always be there for me amd his childerns amen

  64. rarang says:

    I will repossess what ever the devil is stolen to my family send my children

  65. Magdelene says:

    God is awesome always stand on his word. The word is a light, gives light as we are part takers of the light we should go out and shine.

  66. cordellia says:

    God is amazing , he never Stops to love me even when i am not walking straight bu he rebukes me with love and i just love him

  67. precious says:

    to god be de glory wanna thanks de almighty for de blessing I’m about to receive amen god is great

  68. Clarissa says:

    Hi I would like to ask for prayer!!me and my guy where together for 5yrs then the devil come in the form of a older woman buddy buddy with his mom to get info about us and buddy buddy with me to get more info just to steal him from me!!its been six mnths and I believe she put love spell witchcraft vodoo on him and his mom because they arent the some people anymore they change for the bad!!his work is everything for him but he doesnt care about it anymore and his health isint good anymore stomach!!all the proof is there!!please pray with me that god will brake the evil in Jesus name open up theyre eyes and that my guy will return back to me!! I believe we are soul mates god showed me in dreams that he want to be with me but this woman is playing!!she has the devil and the spells but I have what god say in his word I have the love for this man and more as that I have god on our side!! Pkease pray for us in Jesus name

    • elder Deborah Green says:

      Amen in Jesus name he can do all things but fails whatever it and Jesus Christ can fix be BLESS and encouraged knowing that he is in control

    • Tebo says:

      Where you and your man leaving a chriatian life. What I mean is where you engaging on sexual sin. Most of us forget that the Lord want us to leave in purity. If you did not please ask for forgiveness and repent.
      Remember you are not alone the holy spirit is there to assist you if you could ask.

      • TONI says:

        Dear Tebo. I went through a similar experience.the holy spirit showed me that he had the devil behind bars. do not fear!!! that’s the worst thing you can do, as fear & worry take your focus off living for christ, as christ wants you to trust him in this. speak scriptures to yourself such as , ” i don’t have a spirit of fear, but of love, power & a sound mind.” ” PERFECT LOVE CASTS OUT FEAR”, AND LOVE KEEPS NO RECORD OF EVIL.” we have all authority & power over the devil. operate in love towards this other woman. pray for her, don’t fall into the devil’s trap to ever go into hate. remember the devil has deceived her too, NOT JUST YOUR BOYFRIEND. pray that the holy spirit will begin to minister to her, the holy spirit can go anywhere & do anything. keep praying for god to forgive her & whoever else he is using. jesus said on the cross, “father forgive them for they know not what they do.” don’t fall into the temptation to judge them or accuse them of anything. you can only tackle this with the word, the sword of the spirit. remember when jesus was tempted in the desert by the devil, he only used the written word. the best thing to do is to first severe all spiritual ties to your boyfriend, as being connected to him (if he opened himself up to this attack,) may be harmful to yourself. the next thing to do is speak the living word. remember jesus became a curse on the cross so that we can not be cursed. jesus paid for anything that the devil may try do to us or our loved ones. say such scriptures as, ” I AM BLESSED NOT CURSED”, AND SPEAK THAT OVER YOUR BOYFRIEND. greater is jesus in you and your boyfriend than the devil in the world. REMEMBER WHO LIVES IN YOU, JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF, AND THE FATHER, THE HOLY SPIRIT. FOCUS ON GOD’S GREATNESS, THAT HE HOLDS THE UNIVERSE IN THE PALM OF HIS HANDS. HE HAS ALLOWED THIS TO HAPPEN, I BELIEVE SO THAT YOU BEGIN TO TRUST JESUS CHRIST, THAT THIS IS NOTHING TO HIM. STAY POSITIVE, AND REFUSE TO BE NEGATIVE. REMEMBER GOD LOVES THIS OTHER WOMAN TOO., SO PRAY FOR HER SOUL, THAT SHE REPENTS. ENJOY KICKING THE DEVIL’S BACKSIDE!!!

  69. moses says:

    The lord is my rock and my salvation the one in whom i trust

    • william says:

      Romans 8 vs 28.
      and we know that all things work together for good to them that love god ;to them who are the called according to his purpose.

  70. Lawrence E Tucker says:

    Giving unbelief no place
    #Blessed with faithful Abraham

  71. norah says:

    Hi i would to ask for prayers me and my children are HIV positive and I want to prosper in life and healing I like to have a place of my own and get married please pray f9r us.

    • admin says:

      Blessings to you Norah, I know God have a plan for your children nd yourself. You are so much bigger than your circumstances. Keep praying I want you to read Psalms 21. Also, I want you to create a declaration you would like to make in the face of fear. Join us for the live conference calls daily.

      When you receive your free prophecy read it 7 times.

      Yes, I will keep you in prayer.

      God Bless

  72. David Mompe says:

    I had false huge water bill to pay 2016 plus residential-site levies to pay, asked God to intervene rectified and presently prayed for my marriage pending divorce we started talking now Hope everything shall go well too Thank you Jesus…

  73. slondiwe Mthethwa says:

    I’ve seen him, I had him speaking to me God is there and he is a great wonderful God that actually everyone should be under him, he never fails his promises he is a loving God, trust in him, pray he will never disappoint you, you will never run out of anything when you serve a God who created me and you ,heaven and earth .All the Glory to God.



  75. johua says:

    thanks you jesus

  76. Thembela says:

    I need financial help I’m studying in university I’m in real need may d Almighty God help me

  77. phumzile says:

    Man of God help me to change my life in Jesus name ..

  78. dipuo luccah selepe says:

    i pray oh lord hear me when im praying,heal me when im sick as i need a holyspirit to touch me let my life change.pray for me my wonderful prophet major1 to receive my miracle money,financial breakthrough for my husband and his promotion at work.pray for me to receive miracle money as i didnt finish my study due to lack of money

  79. Dinamza says:

    His will to be done in my life, humbled n contrite spirit. Teachable heart n a heart that seeks Him. His will to prevail in my life, as He is at work in me.

  80. Lauretta says:

    my husband is detained in Brazil and I need God to interve in my situation.. Man of God please pray for me. I’m unemployed with kids.. my situation.. is killing me..

  81. Martha says:

    Load please hear me out all my probrem I need a job so that i can manage to help my self i dont have money in my house nothing that i can say I have to make my life happy ,so because always i know that god u know what is happening in my life that’s is why am conning to u to open my self so that i can be delivered in jesus name amen

  82. kehumile says:

    My 15yr old daughter lost speech and mobility at 18 months. My husband drowned in a river 11yrs ago. My 2 sons dropped out of university for no reason. I am a born again Christian and a prayerful person. I am believing God for the turn around of things.

  83. nozipho says:

    Father in the name of Jesus I pray for my husband to be healed the devel is striking him down and praying me to gey a good salary at the creche I’m working.peace and success. Amen

  84. mukondeleli says:

    I want god to give me a job and remove all my sickness in my body and give peace in my family

  85. mukondeleli baloyi says:

    I need god to give me a good job and remove all my sickness in my body and give my family peace

  86. Letwintizora says:

    Dear lord you are so wonder full I know with god everything is possible

  87. Nkhensani says:

    Man of God;pls pray for me;my case is urgent, I’m nt feeling well,and I’m drowning with debts,every month I have to reverse loans that I’m owing fr me to survive. I’m unable to answer private calls because i don’t know what to arrange as i have no money to pay.I believe Jesus Christ is Lord and that He has risen from the dead.please may He intervene into my situation.thank you.

  88. John says:

    May god make me know and understand what is revealed to me amen

  89. thomas verreynne says:

    My God is an awesome God who never leaves my side .
    His son Jesus has shed hiss blood for me ….and for ALL who believe in him , he gives the free gift
    of eternal life . Claim your place in heaven today ….the place that is prepared for you .
    It is YOURS …FREE when you accept JESUS AS your Saviour .. Praise you JESUS for what you have done
    for me .. Your mercy and grace is overwhelming ….


    iam blessed thank you have helped me
    remain blessed pastor petros simfukwe
    malawi country
    in africa
    karonga north

  91. Deborah malope says:

    God is always good no matter difficulties that you are facing.remember that God Is the word and God is love

  92. Ellie Botha says:

    Thank you for helping me !

  93. Cleopatra says:

    I am praying the prayers u sent on spiritual husband n I fasted .but its stubborn .Its almost 6 years suffering .I am a pastor n Prophetess my Husband is also a Pastor. I meditate on the word praise n worship n my Husband family they worship idols n traditional healers.he keeps on going to them even if I stop him.n he is the leader of our ministry.he oppress me to do what the holy spirits tell n sometimes do not allow me to apply it .it seems as if he doesn’t listen to holy Spirit.I am the one who came with a vision of starting a a husband I allowed him to be a leader for the ministry.south africa

    • Kum Eric Tso says:

      How to Turn a Scripture into a Prophetic Declaration
      A scripture is prophetic when it speaks of the Father’s intention and purpose for our lives personally. [3] Following are some ideas to help you turn a Bible verse into a spoken profession of faith:

      1. Choose a Bible verse that

      God has spoken to you through, or
      Has prophetic significance to you (i.e. relates to something God has spoken about you)
      You would like to apply by faith to a particular situation you are facing right now, or to your overall life and ministry call
      Declaring God’s word is powerful, whether or not it has been given to you through prophetic means.

      2. Personalise it by changing the wording to the first person. You can retain the precise wording or adapt it to your own situation. See below for examples.

      3. Try using the present tense – it adds power to a personal declaration.

      4. Memorise the scripture or write it out and use it to speak from.

      ‘Blessed is the one… whose delight is in the law of the Lord, and who meditates on his law day and night.’ (Psalm 1:1-2)

      I have found that loud, bold declarations are powerful in times of warfare or when breakthrough is needed. However, we do not always need to speak loudly in order for a declaration to be effective. The Hebrew word ‘to meditate’ also means ‘to mutter’—to speak aloud to oneself—and this can even be done under our breath or quietly.

  94. thando says:

    I am 31 years old lady who is married and I don’t have a kinds please pray for me please

  95. Kum Eric Tso says:

    True, the is power in the prophetic! And i pray all those who are connected to this website should receive a big miracle in the mighty name of jesus!

  96. Morai says:

    God of love no one have got his power.he is the Almighty god.ntata Rona ya mahodimong.

  97. JULIUS AUSTEN says:


  98. JULIUS AUSTEN says:

    please help me to find job for my wife and my cousine in jesus name

  99. Nicholas Nganga says:

    Please pray that the loan application process for our housing estate in Nairobi for West Point Properties Development Ltd will be successful.

    Waiting upon the Lord.

    Nicholas Nganga

  100. Abongile gcelu says:

    Papa pls pray for me am suffering I have got nothing no job I hv to take care of my kids pray for my mom she can’t see i also want to build my home.pray for my sickness pray for me to get married to the man I love

  101. Asumah Charles says:


  102. emily marks says:

    emily marks
    morning please pray for me am 60 to day i thank god for his maces s thank you

  103. LAURA says:


  104. Frankpam says:

    Great article! This is the type of information that are meant to be shared across the internet. Shame on Google for not positioning this submit upper! Come on over and talk over with my web site . Thanks =)

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