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Relationship Transformation Tip: Do Not Neglect Commitment


If you truly want to transform your relationship, both of you must keep your commitment. Traps are not a healthy component of relationships; thus, transformation is needed. Moreover, others sometimes consider these traps as commitment, which is a totally wrong perspective of it. Commitment is an expression of love. It is not an obligation, not a binding force, and definitely not a trap.

Again, the choice to flee or stay in the relationship is ours; therefore, this commitment must come from us and not demanded from us as well.

Commitment and Love

Relationships should continue to exist not because one is trapped into it, but because one is committed to it. Commitment is a positive aspect of any relationships and not a negative one. It should be seen in the right and healthy perspective in order to better view the relationship.

Once you see it as a mural in your relationship, it will never be an eyesore anymore. So, renew your mind and have better sight by being more committed in your relationships. Remember that it is on how you value things that makes it transformed.

Commitment to Transform

If there is one good kind of commitment in the relationship, then it must be geared toward transformation. Transformation is a continuous process. It does not happen overnight or over a course of time; it should happen daily and progressively. Thus, the need for commitment.

We must be committed to become better and be renewed not just for the sake of our relationships, but for our own self as well. Again, transformation is dependent on our own accord and it begins from within. We must be willing to embrace growth, refinement and renewal because if we do not, then transformation will not occur.

If you want your relationship to be transformed, then commit it to transformation. This simply means not giving up no matter what. Whether you or your relationship will undergo unpleasing and painful refinement, you will push through it for the better version of you and your relationship.

If love is the gravitational pull that keeps you in your relationships, then let commitment be an expression of it. Keep in mind that relationship thrives not because two individuals stayed out of it. It is because of the love that keeps them committed.

Thoughts to Ponder Over

How do you see commitment in your relationships? How do you express love in your relationships? In what ways? Are you committed in transforming your relationships? If yes, how committed are you? Pray that our loving and committed God will bless you and your relationships as it undergoes the process of transformation.

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