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Defining the Prophet

What is a prophet? In the old times, a prophet was an individual receiving a call from God, God’s spokesperson. He often connects with some crisis that is about to occur. He then announces God’...

Transformation Tips: Know Where It Begins

Transformation Tips: Know Where It Begins

Transformation doesn't happen overnight; but these transformation tips will help you achieve the changes you desire... Mahatma Gandhi once said that we must be the change that we want to see in th...

Do Your Best

A lot of times, people blame God for a lot of misfortunes that come into their lives. Whenever something goes wrong, people tend to point fingers and start to question if God really does exist. Don...

Always Make TIME

Always make time for the things or people that make you happy. That is a golden rule. As they say, the best thing you could give a person is your most precious time. Its intangible and irreplac...

Learn 4 ways to inspire others


Before you can inspire others, you must first be inspired to live your life ON purpose. Know Your Cause The first step to discovering your true purpose is to distinguish what your cause is...

Always Be Thankful

Expressing gratitude is one of the attitudes that one must develop within oneself. Everyday, we do things for people and they do things for us. This exchange is something that must be appreciat...

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