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Transformation Tips: Know Where It Begins

Transformation Tips: Know Where It Begins

Transformation doesn’t happen overnight; but these transformation tips will help you achieve the changes you desire…

Mahatma Gandhi once said that we must be the change that we want to see in the world. This means that the transformation of this world begins in each individual living on it. There are lots of things that are beyond our control and power to transform, but the person inside us is always under our will. Therefore, if we want to see transformation outside us and with our relationships, then we must first begin from within.

Your Relationships Matter

Think of your relationships as your world revolving alongside with others. If your world is not in good shape, then it cannot really cope up well with the movement of others. An unhealthy relationship looks like two planets that are both out of its orbits and about to collide with each other and ruin one another.

If we are not conscious enough of our own worlds, then we will be blinded by our own course in the relationship. Keep in mind that an untransformed relationship accurately reflects the conditions of the world out of which it came (Smothermon, 1982).

The Most Important of These Transformation Tips Is Beginning from Within

As the Earth cannot control Mars or Jupiter to move with her harmoniously, so is our relationship with others.  We really cannot force others to change for us. The will of others is beyond our capacity to transform. But, we can always transform ourselves because we have full control over it.

Instead of trying to change the other person involved in your relationship, start transforming yourself. Ask yourself if the things that you are doing now in your relationship is enough to achieve your desired relationship state in the next five to ten years. Remember that you are a crucial part of the relationship.

If your world is shaking or out of its path, then trouble is surely on its way towards your relationship with others. If you want your relationships to be transformed, then begin fixing from within. Be the transformation that you want to see in this untransformed world.

Ask Yourself These Questions

You can only make the most out of these transformation tips if you are honest with yourself. I suggest you take some time to ponder over these questions.

How do you see yourself in your relationships? Do you tend to focus more on the other person being changed or do you also make an effort to transform yourself? In your own point of view, what does Gandhi’s ‘be the change that you want to see’ imply? Have you ever applied these words of wisdom in your relationships and life in general? In what situations? Assess yourself and know your own characteristics that need transformation. Determine an action plan on how you will transform yourself towards a better relationship with others.  Ask the guidance of the Holy Spirit in revealing to you the areas that you have to improve on towards a transformed relationship.

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