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Learn 4 ways to inspire others

Before you can inspire others, you must first be inspired to live your life ON purpose.

  1. Know Your Cause

The first step to discovering your true purpose is to distinguish what your cause is. There is no point enrolling others if you do not have a cause to stand by and work towards. Thus, it is essential that first and foremost, you must find what it is you wish to dedicate all your time and energy into.

If we want to determine what our cause should be, we must think of what it is God wants us to accomplish in our time here on earth. The key to answering such a question is to look inwardly, and as honestly as you can. Ask yourself what you are naturally inclined towards. What interests and inspires you? What are you passionate about? What cause suits the unique traits and talents that you have?

Remember, if you want to enroll others in your cause, make sure that your cause is something you are inspired by. That is the only way in which you can inspire others in turn.

  1. Connect with Others With the Same Cause

We cannot enroll anyone unless we are completely invested in the idea of sharing our cause with others. Those who feel half-hearted about having new members onboard will more likely have difficulty engaging people in enrollment.

Despite the fact that humans are naturally social creatures, there are some people who prefer to actualize their cause without any external help. They may have many friends and family members who are close to them, yet still they prefer to keep their cause to themselves. They are uncomfortable with the idea of letting others in on something that is very personal and meaningful to them.

If we are truly committed to actualizing our cause, we must overcome our hang-ups when it comes to working with others. We must welcome the idea of forming a team and leading others. That is the only way we will be able to create a space for true enrollment.

  1. Be Courageous to Express Your Passion

One of the best ways to inspire others is by simply being genuine. Many people are surprised by the fact that enrollment can be very easy if one is authentic. You need not convince or pursue others to enroll in your cause when you are already genuinely expressing your passion for it.

  1. Living Out Your Passion is a Process

One thing great leaders know to be true is that enrollment, when done properly, is an ongoing process. We do not simply cease to enroll the moment we have enough members on board. Those who are part of the team are continually being enrolled from start to finish. If we want to have a team of engaged and competent members, we must understand that enrollment is ongoing, thus, must be nurtured. We need to be active participants in the journey of each of our members.


What is your true cause in life? Excited to see your responses.


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