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book of joshua

The Spirit lifted me up and brought me into the inner court; and behold, the glory of the LORD filled the temple.  (Ezekiel 43:5)

A queen keeps a court that is spoken about. A goddess keeps a court that is never forgotten. Nalini Singh said these word
s. I could hardly sleep after the Holy Spirit given me these words. Being committed to something bigger than ourselves means doing things without the intention to please ourselves or create a name for ourselves. To choose to commit to something bigger that is beyond ourselves means that we acknowledge that it is not about us. It has nothing to do with us. It is about being committed in the way that shapes our being and actions. Because of this, we are able to realize something beyond our own personal concerns (Erhard, 2013).

Now I hear the word of the Lord saying that this is going to be the season that I am going to bring fulfillment in your life in a way like you never known before.  How many experiences moved you one minute and deflated you the next? The Lord said, start a new project based on an inspiration towards something great. This is the hour that I am bringing you into an awareness not to give up but to stay persistent for you will hit your mark saith the Lord. You are coming into an enrollment process now that you are getting ready to experience sustained energy to finish the task a goal that I have given you to do saith the Lord. And out of this, you are coming into a definite time of purpose, and you are going to follow through on what I’ve given you to say and do for your generation saith the Lord. You are going to find that you will extinguish the fear in your life that has kept you playing a small gain in a very large kingdom saith the Lord. 

Now is the time for you to come into the full acceptance of who you are for your generation, and you are going to begin to see and meet your own heart’s desires saith the Lord.

To choose to be committed to something greater than ourselves means to choose to allow ourselves to be used for a purpose (Erhard, 2013). We can afford to stop thinking of ourselves because our endeavors are not simply to satisfy our selfish desires. They are for a cause, for a purpose, for others who are in need and for the next generation. 

It is this great and specific purpose that gives us the passion, joy, and endurance that we need to carry on. To be committed to something greater than ourselves allows us to persevere when things get tough (Erhard, 2013). Living on the courts requires us to have motives that are anything but self seeking.

We have to realize that when we focus too much on ourselves, it will be very hard to be productive. We need to allow ourselves to be used for a purpose, regardless if it directly benefits us or not. To refuse to be used is to stay merely on the stands. The Bible tells us to look not only to our own interests, but also to the interests of others.

Then prepare yourself to register into a miracle that is waiting to happen for you; I am requesting that you , receive a Free Written Prophecy. I know that this is an unusual, but the spirit of the Lord spoke in my spirit and told me to have you go read the Bible, and as you follow the six steps something is getting ready to break open for your life within the next 6 to 26 hours.

  1. Go read Psalms 68:1
  2. Now read the verse out loud Psalm 68:1
  3. Now right for verse one time and sign your name under the verse.
  4. Now write down the names of the enemies that are in your life right now

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