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Paying Attention to the Warnings of Jesus

Seeking God

The Bible describes the characteristics of the promised Savior and Messiah that only one person has fulfilled, Jesus, as revealed in the Bible. No one else has fulfilled all of the signs, prophecies, and predictions given to us in the Bible regarding the Messiah except the Jesus described for us in Scripture. Further, historians have recorded his life and have described him exactly as the Bible described him. Scriptures confirm that Jesus satisfies all criteria. Anyone can assume the title of the King of Kings, but none fulfills the criteria except Jesus. Jesus as described for us in Scripture is the true Messiah.

Everywhere that men and women have proclaimed the gospel of Christ, it has produced the same response, without regard to color, nationality, social standing, education, or wealth. People throughout history who have called upon the name of Jesus as described in Scripture have experienced the exact same life change, without variation, always, always, always. He alone is our Deliverer, our Savior.

Jesus loved his disciples, and he gave to them a warning, “Take heed that nobody deceive you. For many shall come to you with my name saying, ‘I am Christ.’” False prophets shall come in the name of Jesus saying, “I am the messenger of Christ. I am His prophet, His apostle, and His teacher. Observe what I can do, and see that I am an anointed messenger of God. Follow me.”

With increasing faith in the Word of God, the followers of Christ must regard his warnings. We need to seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit to discern the false prophets from the true, so that we may again experience God’s glorious manifest presence in our lives. False prophets, pastors, and teachers abound, and they influence multitudes with their deceits and apparent confirmations from God. The evil one uses them to divide and destroy the Church. We must heed the warnings from Jesus and reject false prophets.

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