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Being Patient to Your Parents’ Shortcomings

Being patient

Patience is very important not only in dealing with other people but also inside the home as well. Patience extends your tolerance to the imperfections of people. Being patient allows you to accept that failures and disappointments are part of life. Patience also enables you to wait for the right time to come for you. Patience hones your character. Without patience, you will end up always frustrated and bitter towards life.

Your parents will always have shortcomings. They are not perfect. They make mistakes and they will always do. But you have to be patient. You should not look down on them or treat them as if they are inferior to you. It is important that you keep yourself humble and patient. If your parents fail, you should extend your patience.

Keep in mind that they were also patient with you when you were little. Always remember that your parents were patient when you were so small and weak and cannot help yourself. So it is just right that you do the same to them. Not just because of gratitude but because being patient with them is the right thing to do in the sight of God. Losing your patience towards your parents only gives you the tendency to dishonor and disrespect them. And the Bible warns everyone about the consequence of dishonoring parents. It is written: “If you insult your father or mother, your light will be snuffed out in total darkness.”

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