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Honor and Respect Without Conditions

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No matter how deep your love is for your parents, there will always come a time when your patience towards them will be tested. You honor and respect your parents for sure. You obey them and see to it that you do not have a rebellious heart against them. But then again, your parents are only humans. They are not perfect. There will always be the tendency that they will fail and disappoint you. Since you are human as well, you also have the tendency to lose your patience and become aggressive towards them.

This happens to a lot of children, whether young or old. Even though you try you hardest to keep your humility, life situations and emotions will always try to consume your patience. When that happens, your fulfillment of the fifth commandment of God is at stake.

When God said that children must honor their mother and father, this means that honor and respect must be given without condition. This means that even if and despite of all the imperfections and failures of your parents, you must honor and respect them. That is why humility should be developed in you so that you will never forget the authority and the role of your parents in your life. And to keep you from compromising the fifth commandment, you have to be patient.

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