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God Can Re-open Old Doors So You Can Walk Into New Miracles

God is preparing you to walk into a door that was once shut but is now being opened for your new miracles!


The Lord is showing me that the quality of your life in the long run directly depends upon how you set and respect your priorities. You’ve often allowed the doors of other people’s situations to saturate your mental and emotional space, haven’t you? You also have to learn to say “no” to everybody else’s needs and learn to be able to open the doors to new opportunities by saying “yes” to a commitment to advance and enhance your own life, don’t you? God is all up in your life, isn’t He? 


The bottom line is…

  • You’ve gone through old doors of persecution and lack!
  • You’ve gone through old doors of missed opportunity!
  • You’ve even gone through old doors of hurt by the ones you love.


But today, the Lord said,




The Lord says you are standing in a season where a major transition is about to take place and your word of prophecy is going to be your guiding light because there are going to be old doors that you will encounter and you will have to know which ones God has ordained you to re-enter into! 


Make no mistake, new miracles are hiding in places you’ve been and your word of prophecy has the power to reveal them to you! The Lord says, doors that were once shut, He is getting ready to unlock!


The Lord re-opened a door for Moses that led him into new miracles! God led Moses to re-enter the old door of Egypt in order to liberate the children of Israel who were enslaved by Pharaoh! This was a new miracle that demonstrated the glory of the Lord!


God is about to cause you to re-enter an old door that will cause a new miracle to take place in your finances, your family and your health that will demonstrate the glory of the Lord, in Jesus’ name! Will you believe the prophet?


See, you have to stop constantly opening up your door to the problems of others and start opening up the door to the miracle of your future! 


Here’s why:


The Bible says, “Behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it.” (Rev. 3:8). 


When God opens up a door for you, there is absolutely NOTHING the enemy can do to shut it! The only one who has the power to shut that door is you! This is a season where you have got to remove the distractions to your future because these distractions will only keep you from the path to your open door! 


If you aren’t ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, lift your hands unto the Lord and give God praise for the open doors He’s about to walk you into!

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