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Know The Value of Relationships

value of relationships

When you know the value of relationships, you will do what it takes to nurture it.

According to Dr. Ron Smothermon, life is all about the discovery of the self. We exist, we feel and we survive to know the self. However, we can only experience our self through relationships with another person. To better understand this notion, think of being in a planet where nothing exists – no friends, no family, no other people, no animals, no plants, no one and nothing but yourself.

The Value of Relationships in Our Lives

Would you still believe that you are really living in that place without anyone or anything to validate your existence? That is a picture of complete emptiness without any form of relationship. The self cannot even agree that there is life in itself because there is none to assure it.

The validation of one’s self makes relationships vital to life. Even in the beginning, Adam knew how insignificant life is with just the animals and plants, so God gave him Eve to live and relate with. Adam validated his existence with another being. He then called her woman because he knows that she was taken out of him, a man.

Life is uncertain without anyone or anything around us. It is like living inside a lonely planet. The self is primarily contained in a physical realm on its own. However, the moment it goes beyond its form and touches another container, which is that of others, it develops significance and worth. We can achieve the discovery of self and the significance of life through relationships.

To Know the Value of Relationships, One Must Understand Its Context

Relationships can be in any form and in any level. Relationships have various forms and definitions. There are relationships by the connection of blood like that of family and relatives. Relationship can also be a particular type of connection existing between people with common interests and concern for each other such as friendships. It can also happen with just a simple contact or dealings with others like that of acquaintances. Relationships can also involve romance and love seen between married couples and lovers. It can also be found between a boss and an employee or just between co-workers. Relationships happen anytime, anywhere and with anyone.

The famous saying, “No man is an island” is indeed true. Each man is born to live not by himself alone, but to find meaning and purpose of his existence through his relationship with his Creator and fellow creations. In whatever form or level a relationship is, we should always relate, connect and deal with others to live and feel significantly.

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