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The Gate of Your Enemies Has Just Been Marked!

In Genesis chapter 22 and verse 17, it reads, “That in blessing I will bless thee, and in multiplying I will multiply thy seed as the stars of the heaven, and as the sand which is upon the seashore; and thy seed shall possess the gate of his enemies.”


The Lord says your seed shall possess the gate of your enemies! “To possess the gates of your enemy,” in ancient times, meant to have control over your enemy! 


Today, because of your faith and obedience, God is causing your seed to germinate in the heavens and it is about to give you complete control over your enemies! 


When we look in the Scriptures, we see that part of the blessing given to Abraham was that his seed would possess the gates of his enemy. Yet, we also learn the following from Scripture about physical gateways:


Gateways provided access.

Gates provided access into towns and villages, temples and houses. Gates serve both to allow and to limit access. Gates provided a physical barrier.


Gates were for protection.

Watchmen were placed high up on the walls by the gate in order to give alarm when danger approached (2 Samuel 18:24). Gates were made of wood, sometimes covered with metal (bronze) with iron bars. These were seen as indestructible.


Gates were places where judgment was spoken.

People would go to the gates when a determination was to be made regarding right and wrong. It was at the gate that government and law was decided on and communicated to the people. The king often had a seat or throne in the gate for these purposes.  (2 Samuel 19:8; 1 Kings 22:10)


Elders gathered in the gates to make rulings and decisions.

(Isaiah 29:20-21; Amos 5:10; Deut. 21:18-19)


The gate was also a general meeting place.

Gateways were the social fiber of the community – here norms and values were determined. Friendships and social connections were made.


The gateway was the marketplace.

The economy was controlled in the gateway.


The truth is, gates were very significant in the Bible. When you consider how gates functioned, you understand how important it was for a city or community to be in possession of their own gateways. If their enemy had possession, the enemy would be able to control every facet of their lives.


The Lord says it is essential for you to possess your own gates and never allow your gates to slip into possession of the enemy. God says He is protecting the gates of your finances, the gates of your heart, the gates of your physical health, and the gates of your family, in Jesus’ name!




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