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There Is A Divine Promotion Heading Your Way Today!

Did you know there is a divine promotion heading your way?

The Holy Spirit uttered these words that are found in the mesmerizing book of 1 Samuel, “The Lord maketh poor, and maketh rich: he bringeth low, and lifteth up.” (I Samuel 2:7)


The Lord immediately began to show a flourishing vision of your fantastic future! You were next in line to receive uncommon favor and promotion of some sort in the next 30 days! 


You were even standing in what appeared to be a courtroom. You were rejoicing in the Lord because something that was tied up was suddenly freed on your behalf! This all happened in front of your accusers!


There have been some very tumultuous ordeals that have caused you to feel like throwing in the towel this year. There have been some emotional battles that have kept you counting sheep during the midnight hours! Yet, the Lord has informed me that “THERE IS A PROMOTION HEADING YOUR WAY!” God has marked you CEO of your destiny!


The Lord has selected to reward you openly even in the presence of those who have accused you and attempted to defile your name and reputation! Don’t lose sight of God’s promise, because it is the Lord who makes you rich and lifts you up even in the presence of your accusers!




The Lord is showing that your praise is going to be instrumental for your raise! Your devotion to God’s word and His will for you is going to bring you into substantial promotion, in Jesus’ name! The Lord says, “THERE IS A DIVINE PROMOTION HEADING YOUR WAY!”


Every promotion starts with the seed of thought! Whatever you choose to experience, you have to mature it from within. If you want to experience elevation, you must first elevate yourself within. 


If you want to experience abundance, you must first become abundant within! This is a major key to witnessing miracles unfold in your life! Are you ready to experience your abundant future here and now?!



The Lord says, “The time has come for you to stop seeing your life by accident and see your life according to your Divine purpose! Your promotion is hiding in your ability to see your own elevation through the gifts that I have given thee!”

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