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Creating Possibilities


God spoke to Moses: “Send men to scout out the country of Canaan that I am giving to the People of Israel. Send one man from each ancestral tribe, each one a tried-and-true leader in the tribe.” (Numbers 13:1-2)

Like the Israelites, we too have been given many opportunities by God, however, it is up to us to claim these opportunities. Doing so not only shows gratitude to God for His blessings, but also allows us to create better possibilities for ourselves.

Some people do not like seizing opportunities because they are scared that they will fail. They do not have enough faith in themselves that they will be able to tackle these opportunities and come out successful.  

Although it may be intimidating to take on an opportunity being presented to us, we must be brave. We must keep in mind that whatever God blesses us with is good, and will lead to our betterment. Thus, each opportunity He gives us is to be embraced as a blessing –not as something to be feared.

Try to open your eyes to the many opportunities around you. Think of how God wants you to react to these opportunities; does He want you to reject them? Or does He want you to take them on, with faith and diligence?

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