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You’ve Been Approved To Receive The Splendor Of My Divine Favor!


Wherever you are right now, I dare you to say 3 times, I’VE BEEN APPROVED!


In the course of this 12 months of 2019, God has, in reality, opened up some doors for you. Again, the spirit of denial has been rearing its ugly head, hasn’t it?

As the spirit appears,  it shows the latest scenario the place you were denied get entry to when you surely wanted it. This appeared to be anyone who denied you even although you don’t deny this character when hassle looks to arise on their behalf. 


Everything that is hindering and denying you from achieving greatness is about to provide way now, in the name of Jesus! The Lord says that the trust motion you take in this effective second is going to purpose your imprisoned and buried plausible to begin to come forth! 


According to the Lord, this year is a year of approval.


You should know that there are some terrible transactions you should be made aware of immediately! You need to additionally cancel each unconscious bad agreement in 2020, otherwise, delay and denial will permeate your year! 


The bottom line is today, you really must get entry to your prophetic word! It’s that important! Prayer empowers yourself thus helping you to keep the alignment to the source. 


2020 is also a groundbreaking year of approval! You’re taking walks in your season of NOW! This season is a season in your favor! You’re on foot in your season of grapes!

Doors of rejection will open new doors of opportunity to empower you and propel you into destiny! 


Your prophetic word will empower yours with divine guidance. This upcoming year, you will have the 20/20 vision to understand every and every door that God has appointed you to walk through. Follow God’s divine radiance and you will never feel lost again. 


Can you imagine the denial that Hannah must’ve felt after witnessing Peninnah give birth to her husband, Elkanah’s children? It’s no secret that Hannah was the primary wife, but Peninnah was the wife who succeeded in bearing children. 

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