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It Is Your Next Move That Will Take You To Places

Your next move is essential for your success. Over the course of the past few weeks, the enemy has been trying to test your patience.


Make sure to focus on your goals and do not listen to what other people might say. It is the end of your struggle. Make your next move can be one that is full of prosperity!


The reason is that I see angels ascending and descending from heaven carrying the message that your blessings. I must warn you, you won’t be the same person after reading this prophetic message, because your NEXT MOVE is about to unlock something so powerful, it’s going to be unexplainable!  Oh, glory! Hallelujah!


Trust that God has heard your prayers and He is waiting for your next move! As I look in the Spirit, I see two enemies who will be fleeing from your presence. There is a move of God that is taking place in the Spirit.

The Lord says, “Your circumstances are changing because your thinking is changing. The last two and half months have had its difficulties, yet your next move shall bring forth light at the end of the tunnel. I AM serving an eviction notice to the enemy on your behalf!” I dare you to begin rejoicing in the Lord wherever you are right now if you aren’t ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!


The Bible says, “I will shew thee my faith by my works.” (James 2:18) You’re about to enter a year of transformation that is going to sustain your works! Please understand, your next move is going to set the tone for your entire year. It is important that your next move represents exactly where you want to be in 2020!


When Nehemiah found out that his Jerusalem home was burned and crumbling, he immediately starts to fast and pray. Nehemiah also needed workers who would be committed to rebuild Jerusalem, so he made that his next move! We see here that Nehemiah ultimately put his faith into action and because of that, astonishing results soon began to follow afterward! (Nehemiah 2-6)


Like Nehemiah, you have to start where you see a need. Whatever you do, the goal is to put your faith into action. Remember your next move determines whether or not you sincerely want to reap a harvest! Your next move is essential to the future you know you deserve!


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