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Don’t Let Wish-Craft Take Control Over Your Dreams

The Spirit of the Lord has identified a spirit called “wish-craft” that is causing wicked disturbances to attempt to overtake your joy. 


Someone around you is performing some serious “wish-craft” on you, which is designed to bring you setback, delay, and even denial!


Here is how you can identify who is creating wish-craft around you:


This person WISHES you weren’t so anointed.

This person WISHES you weren’t so blessed with talent and gifting.

This person WISHES you weren’t so favored by God!


This individual (and even individuals) have wished you no good. They have wished you job loss, broken relationships, misfortune, and they have also wished you complete and thorough negativity! You’re getting a picture in your mind as to who this is. The Lord is already giving you Divine confirmation!


You’ll be blessed to know that the Lord says that because of the Psalm 92 Miracle that is upon your life, you must remember the prophetic word that is written on your Blood of Jesus stone, because that word is the Divine reminder you can use to work against those false, lying, back-stabbing devils of “wish-craft!” It includes known and unknown enemies, family problems, worries, fears, doubts, and money troubles! 


There is a special anointed prophetic word that is about to be spoken over your life, to help you fight against those that “wish-evil” and spew “bad words” aimed at you! Begin to decree and declare three times,





The truth is that as you begin to release your faith, things will start to shift on your behalf! GLORY You’re going to begin to choose the right people, places, and things that will bring you into well-being and eliminate the hell-beings from out of your environment! OH, GLORY, HALLELUJAH! Lord, we give you praise!

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