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What are Language Indicators?

Punctuation is a linguistic function which was adapted for use in the Prophetic Language System (PLS). This process works similarly like its linguistic counterpart. This is an activity, which frames raw data into sequences, groups, categories, or sets so that an individual can glean meaning from them. Punctuations give content and meaning to the different elements that compose an individual’s experience. Without these punctuations, these elements would remain raw data and be rendered useless.

Chunking can be done in two major directions: up (Specific to General), and down (General to Specific), with a third minor direction, which is laterally. These three directions serve different purposes, as chunking up is typically done to find intentions and attain agreement while chunking down or laterally is typically used to redefine a concept, object, or situation, and to solve overwhelming problems. The third direction, lateral chunking, is usually done to find parallels and alternatives to the basic prompt in consideration.

Information can either appear as a large mass or as broken pieces.

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