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Understand What Pushes Your Partner’s Buttons

Expose the Haman in your life

Sometimes, being silent and refusing to respond to button-pushing can be helpful. However, you also need to understand what pushes your partner’s buttons. Don’t remain silent if his or her “hot” buttons is receiving the “silent treatment”. You need to distinguish his or her “hot” buttons, so that you can avoid.

You need to distinguish that hostility and resentment can hurt your relationship. Learn to recognize signs of tension in your body. When you feel this, you’ve identified how certain things and words can push your buttons.

Learn to be happy no matter what your partner does. If your happiness depends on what another person does or doesn’t do, then you’ll be miserable most of the time. You’ll be a high-maintenance partner. Sooner or later, your partner will leave because he or she cannot sustain your happiness. It’s too much for you to place in another person’s hands your happiness.

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