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The Right Time Has The Abundant Power To Multiply The Dime

You may be complacent regarding an idea or a deal that you desire to come to pass, but God says the right time has the abundant power to multiply the dime.


As you were singularly engaged in worrying about nebulous what-ifs, it seemed like you often had difficulty concentrating on the here and now. It’s almost like the enemy is causing your productivity to drop, especially in stressful situations. REBUKE the enemy even now, in the mighty name of Jesus, because timing is everything!


Lift your hands wherever you are right now because the Lord says the wait is never comfortable. However, the release is everything in its timing! Get ready, because what you’ve been praying for concerning your finances is about to MANIFEST and MULTIPLY during this LAW of ABUNDANCE season! OH, GLORY, HALLELUJAH!


The truth is you might have a brilliant idea on hand, but pushing for it at the wrong time could rob it of its brilliance! The Lord says you must come to the powerful realization that being at the right place at the right time means always being ready for your next big break. At any point in time, you can cross paths with someone that could charge you into destiny! Thank You, Father!


The Lord says the harvest might not always look the way you pictured, and it might not always be what you imagined, but it will happen just as it should! If you cling to the past or the way things used to be, you will only have a challenging time accepting Divine timing. You must let go of what once was and embrace what could be because that’s where divine timing lives. TIMING IS EVERYTHING!


The Lord says there are several relationships in your life that are PAST DUE. That means these relationships have reached their plateau and it’s DUE TIME for you to move PAST them. They are keeping you in a time loop called UNFULFILLMENT!


As you began to move beyond the time loop called UNFULFILLMENT, God is going to begin to multiply money blessings in your life like never before. That is the season where you must not get caught up with attaching yourself to an outcome that you’ve painted in your mind. Instead, this is a powerful season for you to trust God, and understand timing is everything.

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