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Please Don’t Reveal Your Master Plan To The Enemy!

The Lord says that your strategy must include engaging your adversary’s attention in order to set him up for an attack from an unexpected angle! Do not reveal everything. It’s time to reverse the attack!


There are individuals who will come into your life and leave unexpected deposits of negativity, spite, and fatigue in your life! 


Today, the Lord says this is often a result of sharing too much of your plan with them! The Lord says that this is a season where He is bringing out the WARRIOR in you so that you can gain complete victory over your adversaries! 




Please treat your future as an emergency because you need to catch this! In the next few days, you may need to execute this strategy against some very real distractions the enemy is going to send your way.


You must understand a real and present engagement will distract your adversary from other concerns. What you’re doing here, is exploiting your adversary’s blind spots. You’re keeping him/her engaged in part of your plan so that he/she is unable or unwilling to see the whole! 


And your whole plan must be designed to take advantage of your adversary’s weakness! See, you’re keeping him/her engaged over here so that they will be all the more vulnerable when you launch the real attack over there!




The Lord says,


“This is your season to discern the deposits that people are making in your life to know if they are your friends or your adversaries! You must not share your entire plans with your adversaries, yet you can reveal parts to them that will expose their positioning! Your adversaries are only enemies to your future!”


There are some things you need to hear in your word of prophecy concerning this season you are standing in! Your future must be treated as an emergency because God is enriching you in more ways than you can imagine and you need to know how to position yourself accordingly! 


As you release your faith, the Lord is going to begin to show you the blind spots of your adversaries and you will know exactly what to share and what not to share!


The Lord says, “Your ability to engage your adversary is going to cause every trap of negativity set against your life to be shattered into pieces! I AM heightening your sense of attack and preparing you for victory!”


The Lord also says, “As your wisdom increases on the battlefield, it’s going to cause every evil cycle in your life to break! You will also start to paralyze the negative networks that were designed to work against you through your own cunning! Your adversaries will fold and ENRICHMENT WILL FIND YOU this Thanksgiving!”


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