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Pleasing God

Seeking God

If we do things with attitude of praise, except for sin, God is pleased. God as our Father, He enjoys watching us use the talents He has given us. For His enjoyment, He intentionally gave us talents differently. Some are to be singers and some are to be dancers.

Some are talented in math and some are talented in crafts. You may be gifted in music or maybe in sports or thousand other skills. When you use whatever gift given to you brings a smile to the face of our God.

Our attitude should always aim to praise God and to honor Him. With all the blessing, gifting and talents that He entrusted us with, He deserves it. We don’t deserve those things because of our sinful nature.Yet He loves us and entrusted us these things. Isn’t it a praiseful thing? Remember, He has first loved us. He loved us while we were still sinners. He blessed us with these talents. Amazing.

Focus on God and what He wants for your life. Don’t take Him for granted. You have that work because God has given you a specific skill and talent to fit in to that work. Biblical prophecies tell us that if we receive your personal prophecies, we are able to bring glory to God excellently.

Everything we do can bring glory to God most especially when it is done from a heart of love for Him. Adoration is part of glorifying God. Adore Him with all of your heart. You may show your adoration through your God-given talents by using them in His ways.

In whatever you do, make God be your number one priority. Every time you use the talents He has given you with, thank Him and praise Him. In that attitude God is honored and glorified. He deserves it.

As Christians, it should be our attitude to seek God and praise Him in everything. Our primary objective is to love Him with all our hearts, with all our minds, with all our souls and with all our strengths. Worship Him in everything we do. And we can express it through the talents that He has given us with.

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