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Meeting Expectations

What do you want to be when you grow up?

This is a question commonly asked since childhood. People always want to be something. There’s a lot good answers for that. Some want to be teachers, nurses, doctors, lawyers, such and such.  However, no matter what we want for ourselves to be, the real ultimate goal in this life is to achieve happiness.

God wants us to be happy no matter what we choose to be. He has given us a clear path to get to that state of happiness. We may want a lot of things for ourselves, but we must not forget what God wants us to be. God’s plans for us will always be better than anything we can ever imagine for ourselves.

We must let Him direct our lives. God has given us agency or the freedom to choose; but in choosing evil, we lose and in choosing the right, we gain. In this life of win and lose, what we must lose most of all is the natural man that likes to sin and disobey the will of the Father, giving way to the wills of the flesh.

How do you meet God’s expectations of you? Slowly, bit by bit. It is not something that one can achieve in one go, especially as humans. Continue living the Christian way of life patterned by the words and actions of the prophets and Jesus Christ Himself and be patient with yourself. You will meet disappointments every now and then, but guess what? All God expects of us is to try so let’s try our best.

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