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Maximize The Blessing God Wants To Release To You


When you fail to pull at the folds that are right in front of you in life, you’ll ultimately end up missing out on maximizing the blessing God wants to release through your potential!


You have to admit to a certain extent, you have spent too much of your life tiptoeing around, haven’t you? Sometimes you’ve done this because you didn’t want to overwhelm people. You wanted to make a good impression with them. You wanted to fit in. You wanted everyone to like you. You wanted everything to be smooth. So, for too much of your life, you’ve folded a part of yourself—a part of your potential—for the sake of others. And for too much of your life, you’ve only hurt yourself with your silence and inaction.


The Lord says, don’t be afraid. Have faith. Trust the journey during this LAW OF ABUNDANCE season. Don’t let your expectations of how life “should be” blind you to the beauty of maximizing the potential that has yet to be unfolded in you.


The Lord says it’s time to unfold your potential for abundance and welcome it. Smile and give it your full, thoughtful attention because it’s going to cause you to unfold new levels of abundance, health, and happiness in your life, in the precious name of Jesus!


The Lord says today is your day to expand your potential for abundance! Today is your day to expand your potential for abundance! Today is your day to expand your potential for abundance! And it is so, in Jesus name!


Don’t just think outside the box regarding your potential! Think like there is no box! Hallelujah! The Lord says there’s only a tiny part of your life that is decided by completely uncontrollable circumstances, yet the vast majority of your life is determined by how you actively respond to them.


Sometimes God will close something in your life so that He can get you to maximize your potential to release it! 

  • Doors that are closed can be unlocked through your untapped potential!
  • Closed accounts can be re-opened through your untapped potential!
  • Relationships, both old and new, can be repaired through your potential!



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