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Loving our Neighbors

Owe no man any thing, but to love one another: for he that loves another has fulfilled the law: Romans 13:8-10

Many people have a hard time moving on from their painful past because they are plagued by thoughts of revenge and hostility. Instead of focusing on creating good possibilities for the present time, they concentrate on getting even for the past. When people cannot seem to move on because of their inability to forgive, their capabilities become limited. They carry around their resentment like baggage that weighs them down.

It becomes impossible for them to create possibilities that will lead to fulfillment and joy, if they are too fixated on an injustice that was done unto them. They will forever be held back by this grudge that they carry, unable to move forward towards a better life. Leviticus tells us in the account of Love for Your Neighbor that we must learn to forgive in order to move on. Once we have let all the resentments go, we will finally be able to move forward to new possibilities.

Remember, if you want to create good possibilities for yourself, you must focus your thoughts and energy on good things. This means leaving behind all negative feelings about the past, including resentment and grudges.

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