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Love Believes the Best in People

The Apostle Paul says, love is always hopeful. It believes the best in people. When it comes to your relationship, make it a point to focus on what you like about the other person and what would be good to improve your own life.

When you focus on the good things, in the other person and in your own life, your partner will be encouraged to be better. You will see changes in his or her life. This is an incredible phenomenon. When you focus on the good things about the other person, you’ll attract more of what you’re focusing on.

Many of us think the other person will never change. We also insist that they’re never changing and point out the areas by which they’re failing. Most people won’t change until we decide to leave them alone, accept them as they are, and focus on your own life and happiness.

When you’re focusing on everything that’s wrong with the person you’re with, your viewing that person from the lens of judgment, rather than love. You must come from a place of love, which means you must have hope in your heart.

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