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The Lord Says The Righteous Shall Flourish All The Time

The Lord says the righteous shall flourish. 


You may be suffering and looking for your next breakthrough, and believe God does not hear your prayers. But, the real truth is God has heard your prayers. You must trust and believe in Him. 


Do not be deceived by the devil because he wants you to worry and be discouraged. He does not want you to succeed. Do not give up! Your breakthrough is coming. You are on your way to receive your blessing.  


God believes you are ready for the blessings He wants you to receive from Him. As you are reading this, He is sending you His healing and His vow. He is removing all the storms that are in your life. He will not allow you to sit and watch your blessing pass you by your presence. 


Lift your hands wherever you are and praise God because what was bound shall be released today because of your seed in the ground! 


The Lord says that He is destroying every single power operating any spiritual vehicle that is trying to work against you. 


Those who want to devour you are vanishing from your labor in the mighty name of Jesus! Every tree planted by fear in your life is about to dry up from the roots, in the name of Jesus! The righteous shall flourish! HALLELUJAH!


Because of the scripture Psalm 92 Miracle, there is NEW MONEY, NEW HELP, and NEW BLESSINGS that will come into your life as a specific result of your faith!


The Lord says, “When the wicked spring as the grass, and when all the workers of iniquity do flourish, it is that they shall be destroyed forever!” (Psalm 92)


The pain you’ve been feeling will be removed! ‘God’s sending His healing to you. ‘Don’t look at your bills to see them unpaid. Envision your breakthrough and the way God has made!

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