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When Was The Last Time You Threw A Block Party?

In the story of Jacob and Esau, Jacob had to “block” Esau from getting to the birthright before him! Jacob had to trick Isaac into giving him the blessing by putting on the skin of a goat, and the rest is history! The bottom-line is Jacob “blocked” Esau from getting to the blessing before he could. It led to Jacob becoming blessed with the dew of heaven and the fatness of the earth, where nations bowed unto him, and his brethren served him!


Have you noticed that there are people in your life whose sole purpose is to BLOCK you? They block you spiritually, emotionally, and even physically at times! These individuals are essentially BLOCKING the path to your blessing! Hallelujah!


Think about it. They BLOCK your peace whenever they call to harass you! They BLOCK your sanity when they choose to pick fights with you even when you’ve done the right thing! Worst of all, they BLOCK your joy because they are utterly and completely ungrateful, and this is ultimately why they continuously stay in a heap of trouble! 


The enemy recognizes that Psalm 92 Miracle is on your life because he has seen the mark of God’s favor upon you. The Lord will say ENOUGH is ENOUGH! GLORY, HALLELUJAH!


The Lord says,




It’s time you throw a “Block Party!” The Lord says your blessing is in your blocking! It means it’s time to clean your Rolodex! It’s time you eliminate people who are BLOCKING your peace of mind, your momentum, your abundance, your happiness, and even your good health! Just begin to worship the Lord!


The Lord says that as you begin to remove those who seek to BLOCK you from your blessing, God is going to start to connect you with the right individuals. They can and will propel you towards the dew of heaven and the fatness of the earth! It’s time you start BLOCKING some unnecessary phone numbers from making any further contact with you! 


When God sends you anointed help, they help you face your problems, they give what they can because they genuinely care, they make time for you, they offer you freedom, they communicate effectively, they propel your potential, they are genuine, and expect genuineness, they support your growth changes, they believe in you, they maintain realistic expectations of the relationship, they honor you in small ways on a regular basis, they listen, and they hear every word, they keep their promises and most of all, they stick around! 


The Lord says your Psalm 92 Miracle will be accelerated not only because of your release of faith on today but also because of your inventory of relationships! 


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