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God’s Purpose Behind Negative Encounters In Life

There are times that we might be wondering, “Why would God send me a report that has negative results?” The answer is simple: More often than not, God allows a good result to come back negative! 


God sometimes let bad things to happen so we could use them to accomplish good.  He lets you encounter circumstances that make it appear as if the enemy is winning, yet only for a time. 


Take, for example, the account of Peter’s imprisonment in Acts 12:1-17. Shortly after King Herod killed James, the brother of John, he sought Peter’s life as well. Peter was arrested and handed over to four rotations of four guards, to be guarded until after Passover.


At first glance, it would seem that Peter’s imprisonment was getting in the way of the work Christ had given him. However, by the end of the account, we see how God used the enemy’s destructive attempts for Peter’s own purposes, to show the power of God to both Peter’s persecutors and the Church.




There are days where you may feel like life is difficult or you may never get away from the endless problematic pattern that you are dealing with. And because of this, you are having a hard time enjoying your life because your energy is getting sucked up with negativity. God tells you to surrender, trust and let him take care of the things that no longer serve you. God knows your situation inside out and only he knows the best solution to your problems. 





Have faith in the goodness of the Lord and believe that wherever you are in your life, good news are coming in a negative result for you! Your situation may seem like a hindrance to the gospel and a threat to your life but believe it or not, God is only using these problems to protect you. 


Believe and be confident that the negative news that you received will flourish into something good very soon! Negative news are given by God not to harm you but for the purpose of growing you and preparing you.


At times, circumstances that may seem like a hindrance to the gospel (GOOD NEWS) and a threat to your life may be the very platform God uses for His glory to be displayed through you. 

As a believer, you can be confident that even circumstances that perplex you are leading in a different direction for the purpose of your growth and leading you closer to Christ as ever and propelling you towards God’s glory for your breakthrough! The outcome may look positive for the enemy, but he is about to discover a negative result! 


Lift up your hands wherever you are right now because I want you to know that your current pain may appear to flourish for a time, however, the Lord has already established its boundaries and the good result is wrapped up in the midst of your negativity. 

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