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Do You Want to See Yourself Covered in Glory?

anointed believer

God is holding a picture of you covered in GLORY!

As the Holy Spirit directs your spiritual eyesight towards your greater and grander future, you are going to witness a remarkable transformation in your current image! 

It is vital that you utilize your spiritual eyes and ears to pick up on things in this season. There are many opportunities that are flowing in to bring abundance and prosperity into your household. You can miss it if you’re not looking; you will ignore it if you’re not listening; but you can grab it if you’re ready for transforming!

Be Covered in God’s Glory

The awesome favor of the Lord is sentencing you to the abundant life, because the Lord says there is going to be a FINANCIAL RELIEF that will begin to appear as a result of your efficient actions concerning an opportunity you will discover over this prophetic time period.

The blessing begins to take place inside of you the moment you apply your faith and let go of your fears! It’s time for you to PUT ON THE MIND OF CHRIST because…

  • Your blessing is determined by your thoughts, never your circumstances!
  • Negativity is a corrosive. It feeds on fear and starves on faith!
  • Your thoughts will either expose your fear or your faith!
  • With the mind of Christ, the enemy can’t penetrate your thinking!

Even if the picture of your past is faded by failure and disappointment, it doesn’t mean that your future can’t be shining in glory! Your new and improved spiritual eyesight is about to familiarize you with the GREAT THINGS that God will do before your eyes.

There is going to be some very important events you will want to be made aware of that will add MORE LIFE to you and your household. Get in touch with the Master Prophet to know more about it.

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