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Today, You’ll Get Through the Pit

Get Through the Pit

When standing in the midst of what looks like the ‘pit’, remember these five words: TODAY, YOU’LL GET THROUGH IT!


The pit is a terribly dreadful place, but there’s a guiding light to lead you out of there. God is about to comfort you even in the midst of your pain and He is about to nourish, heal and cleanse what the enemy has done to your heart!


Don’t allow the fury and disappointment from what transpired to rule your heart! That’s only the enemy attempting to rob you of your peace. Turn to the Lord to lift you out of your trouble!


Your troubles may seem great; you may not know what’s left to do. The price of making those mistakes is harshly coming due. Your world is crumbling about; no safe place seems to be around. Right seems wrong, wrong seems right; the change is quite profound. Yet, God is still in control, this truth you must admit. There is a palace up ahead; it’s just beyond your pit!


When your world comes crashing in and the pit seems way too deep, turn your heart unto the Lord; don’t give in to defeat!


God listens to your prayers! He hears your every plea! You’re safe because you know, He’ll always set you free! Yes, God is still in control; His words aren’t counterfeit. Your palace lies ahead; it’s just beyond your pit!


This is your season to know that the Lord knows what you’re going through and even in the midst of it all, you can declare with divine certainty, “TODAY, I’LL GET THROUGH IT!”


When standing in the midst of your pit, know that you’ll get through it. A strong prophetic wind of FAVOR is going to begin forming that will bring about wondrous encounters of GREAT THINGS through special people, places and things.


Do you believe you’ll get through it? Get ready to witness a remarkable transformation, because your palace lies just beyond the pit! Hallelujah!

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