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Finders, Keepers

The “Finders, Keepers” mentality is a clear violation of the 8th commandment. This is because it unrightfully withholds material possessions or money from an owner who had misplaced, dropped, or had been in any way separated from their belongings. Keeping something that does not belong to you is stealing –whether you snatched the item or simply found it.

Finding an item lying around can be a huge temptation, especially when this item is something that you want or need at the moment. People tend to make many excuses for themselves as to why it is okay for them to keep the things they find. These excuses prevent them from doing the right thing by surrendering the found item to authorities, or to the lost and found.

Being a good Christian and a good person is about doing what is right, even when there is no chance of being found out. The “finders, keepers” mentality tests one’s ability to say no to sin. It is best to rid yourself of this kind of thinking if you want to be a person of integrity.

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