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Don’t Let Your Emotions Get the Best Out of You

Being patient

In a relationship, don’t let your emotions get the best out of you. You must own your own buttons. If your partner knows just what to do or say to set you off, don’t blame them for your angry reaction. Are you a slave to your own emotions? Or are you the master of your own heart?

What you can do is to learn to recognize your own “hot” buttons and notice yourself as you start to react. Stop and go to another room. Refocus your attention on anything but the annoyance that’s building up. Do whatever it takes to interrupt your reaction.

Do not let annoyance and resentment come take the place of love in your life. However, don’t just walk out of the room and slam the door. Your partner might take offense to this. Instead, take a deep breath and say, “I’m going into the next room for a while, so that I can calm down. I’m starting to feel upset and I really don’t want to say anything that might hurt us.”

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