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Be Aware! Don’t Invite Poverty Inside of Your Home!

Are you allowing poverty to find a new home in yours?


The Lord revealed that it’s your unique mental appetite to see an opportunity just not for what it is, but for what it could be that will separate you and the poor. Poverty begins to show up wherever sleep begins!


Your hands aren’t busy when you’re a lover of sleep. Contrary to popular belief, we don’t need to sleep an awful lot. Sleep is only to be used for you to refuel for a moment and release you from this objective world!


You go to sleep only to keep you from coming apart. Poverty is always traveling, looking for a home. And poverty knows those that love to sleep are the best to engage! Poverty says, “I think I’ve found the sluggard.”


The Lord says that during this LAW of ABUNDANCE season, it is highly critical that you understand that poverty places the shackles of limitation upon your mind. If you become too focused on sleep, you will begin to invite poverty into your home! When you’re asleep, the lucrative and profitable works of your hands aren’t present.


You’ll be informed to know that whenever the enemy uses the strain of fatigue, stress, and idleness to settle upon you, it breeds limitation. Limitations will prevent you from embracing a Kingdom mentality and ultimately, invite poverty to step into your experience.


During this transformative LAW of ABUNDANCE season, if your thoughts remain outside of the Kingdom, you will gravitate towards that which fails to reflect God, especially in your finances!


You will be ruled by the influence of your carnal mind, which will rob you of your ability to dream awake and execute that dream! The Lord says, AWAKEN! AWAKEN! AWAKEN because YOUR ABUNDANCE WILL CONTINUE TO REMAIN ASLEEP IF YOU DO!


The spirit of the sluggard is conniving. It will cause you to sleep standing up! For instance, you can’t adopt a Kingdom mentality and embrace living beneath your Divinity! Many of us are quite adept at looking at folks in the street and saying, “Poor thing, he/she is homeless,” yet we are just as homeless as they are because we’ve settled for living in apartment for the past 20 years, when we clearly know God has called us to acquire more! 


The Lord says this is your season to AWAKEN the abundance on the inside of you. You’ve been sleeping with poverty for way too long! It has shown up in the form of sleeping on your commitments. It has come in the form of sleeping on your feelings. It’s even come in the form of sleeping on your dreams and the construction of your goals and ideas!


As you begin to AWAKEN the sleeping giant of abundance that’s within you, you’re going to realize you are making moves and decisions concerning your abundance. In Deuteronomy 30:19, God said, “I set before you life and death.”


You are either choosing life or death every moment of your life and the more you allow sleep to become substantial, the more you invite the death of your dreams, your ideas, and your abundance! That’s because you will begin to resemble the sluggard to the eyes of poverty!





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