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Christ Resurrection & Ascension


Let us examine the greatest wonder that Jesus Christ left in history. Until this present era, skeptics cannot nullify the resurrection with their assumptions regarding the empty tomb of Jesus Christ. One claim that was derived from the situation was first blamed to the disciples. According to some critics, the body of Jesus Christ was stolen by the disciples while the guards were sleeping. This is impossible! Why would the disciples think of that act when Jesus taught them to be righteous all the time? Surely, that would bring shame to Christ’s living testimony and at the same time, disprove the disciples’ faith. Moreover, how could this be accomplished when the entire guard assigned to secure the tomb were fully trained Roman soldiers? The guards will surely take shifts in order to fulfill their job.

Second, it was assumed that the authorities moved the body of Jesus somewhere else. If this is the case, the authorities should have exposed it publicly to trample Christianity. This will surely make a fool out of believers. This will smother humiliation to the disciples. But wait, have they found the body already?

Third, a swoon theory was even created. This view assumed that Christ was just unconscious from all the hard trials that he went through. Imagine the exhaustion from bringing the cross under the scorching heat, the wounds that were created from lashes, and the loss of blood? This theory posits that Christ was mistakenly reported to be dead and was able to recover when placed in the tomb. Have they forgotten that they placed spear on his side to confirm his death? Ruthless to say, Jesus Christ was in human form at this moment and he surely felt all the pain. Anyone who underwent that kind of torture would most likely die!


The ascension was not just created in order to feed our eyes with wonder. It is not as empty as magic, wherein after the show people would just return to their idle, old lives. This event has a deeper message to relay. Following the argument from the resurrection, this phase will not be validated if the body of Jesus Christ was found. Indeed, the events that happened long ago were sequentially logical.

Let us examine, what else does the ascension want us to realize? Essentially, more people were convinced that Christ is the Son of God when they saw him ascend into heaven. With the manifestation of his powers, authority had also been established over mankind. Now, anyone can confidently accept the words of Jesus which follows, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.”

Another magnificent truth with ascension is the establishment of heaven’s existence. Some people created rumors, gossips, and fabricated testimonies about this. Others doubt if this earth is the real heaven. However, this should not be the concern of people. One must rather contemplate, “Is heaven your real destination in the afterlife?”

Lastly, the ascension implied that Jesus Christ is our forerunner, and his believers would also enter heaven. As mentioned in the Scripture, “where our forerunner, Jesus, has entered on our behalf. He has become a high priest forever, in the order of Melchizedek.”2 This act is also termed as the glorification of humanity. We are also exalted when we recognize Christ in our lives, for we must abandon our old wicked ways and strive to become like him.

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