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Believe In God’s Promises

God's promises

Do you believe in God’s promises? Let’s take some time to learn from Abraham’s experience…

Abraham is the father of faith because his faith was tested so many times and for most of these times, he is seen trusting God despite the impossibilities of the circumstance. Abraham’s faith may not be perfect. He was caught lying to Abimelech, taking things into his own hands, and sinning. Nevertheless, his life is characterized by his faith.

Abraham lied twice about Sarah being his wife. The first time happened after he was called to go to Canaan. It was when there was a famine in the land and Abraham went down to Egypt to live there for some time. Abraham knew Sarah was a beautiful woman and that the Egyptians knew that he was his wife. Abraham did not trust God enough in this circumstance to protect him from the Egyptians. He took matters into his own hands.

The Egyptians saw Sarah and saw that she was beautiful. She was taken to the palace. The Pharaoh treated Abraham well for Sarah’s sake. During this time, Abraham acquired sheep, cattle, donkeys, camels, and servants.

However, the Pharaoh did not know Sarah was married and looked at her as if she was a single woman.

One of God’s Promises is Protection

The Lord afflicted diseases on him and his household. The Pharaoh called him and asked why he lied and told him to go. Lying to the Pharaoh is a serious offense. However, God’s protection over him allowed him to get away from the Pharaoh with everything he acquired. This is God’s grace that shows that Abraham did not get what he deserved, which is punishment for lying, but he even got to take what he acquired through his lie.

As if Abraham did not remember God’s promises of favor and protection the first time, he had to go and lie to Abimelech again, repeating his previous sin. In Genesis 20, we see God doing the same thing for Abraham. Harm came to those who viewed Sarah as a single woman and diseases came upon them, even if they had a clear conscience. God’s protection over Abraham is always evident.

Abraham even made an excuse saying he was sure there was no fear of God in that place and that they will kill him because Sarah was his wife (Genesis 20:11). However, we know that even in a city that does not know the Lord, it is not an excuse to sin and to take matters into our own hands. We step out of God’s will when we sin. He does not want us to sin. He wants us to trust Him, regardless of the circumstance and to continue to walk in the light.

Trust God’s Promises All the Time

The promise of God to Abraham and to his offspring showed the favor and protection over this prophet as well. We see that blessings will be given. Moreover, Abraham will be a blessing to others as well. The call of Abraham also described how Abraham can curse those who harm him and God will honor these curses and make them come to pass.

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