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Acknowledge The Designer of Relationships


From the story of creation, we can see that the author of relationships was no other than God, himself. When Adam could not find any suitable helper for him, God the Creator of all things made Eve out of Adam’s own ribs. God was also the One who brought Eve to Adam.

Moreover, the very first relationship that ever existed was not of Adam and Eve but between God and Adam. When Eve was still not in the picture, it was Adam and God walking together in the garden and not Adam and the animals alone. God was an intimate God. In fact, God is still an intimate God.

The first relationship ended up broken and unhealed. We all know that Adam and Eve sinned before God. And, it is because of their sins that God removed them out of the garden.

God Is An Intimate God

In the Bible, it was not written whether God and the first couple were able to reconcile, for there was no mention of Adam and Eve walking with God again. The only thing written after their exile was God blessed them with sons – Cain, Abel, and Seth. In other words, there was no transformation in the relationship between God and Adam and Eve.

The very first man who walked with God failed their relationship and it was because of this man’s sins that God is no longer visibly walking with men. As I study the relationship of God and Adam, I can see two big reasons why it failed and ended up untransformed.

The very first reason I see on why the relationship failed was the couple did not walk with the Lord that day. In other words, they were not in the presence of the Lord. Eve was alone when the serpent came to tempt her. Did she look for God the moment she was tempted? No, she didn’t. In fact, it was Adam whom she confided first. The other reason is that they hide from the Lord. After they sinned, Adam and Eve hid when God looked for them.

Value The Presence and Existence of Relationships

Given these two reasons, I also came upon two things that Adam could have done to transform their relationship with God. First is that Adam and Eve should have been with God. If we want to have a transformed relationship, then we should really value its presence and existence. Adam or Eve had a moment without God. Why is that so? Probably, they do not want God with them on that day.

However, God is omnipresent. God was surely there when they were tempted, but Adam and Eve chose not to seek His presence. If only Adam and Eve were with God or choose to be with God, then they should not have sinned and fall short.

Face Whatever our Relationships Need to Face

The other thing is that they should not hide themselves from God. If we want to transform a relationship, then we do not hide or run away from its hardships. We must face whatever the relationship needs to face. This is how love grows and transforms.

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