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Do You Abide In The Lord Or Your Everyday Struggle?

John 15:4, it states, “Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine; no more can ye, except ye abide in me.”


Who and what have you abided in lately? Emotional clutter has made your life complicated. It seems like your days fill up so fast, and they are so rushed and packed with distractions that sometimes they seem to be bursting at the seams. There have even been days where you’ve wrestled with finding your purpose in life.


There is even the feeling of being mind-numbingly busy and overworked and it has taken its toll on you. Balancing the family and all that you have to deal with concerning your finances and even your health has caused you to become numb at times. 


TODAY, the Lord says, “Abide in Me so that I can ABIDE in you, because I AM CALLING YOU to walk in the fulfillment of your destiny.”


There’s a remarkable call that God has placed on your life, but the more you abide in the struggles of everyday life, the more you risk missing your season of elevation, triumph, and fulfillment! God wants you to ABIDE in Him through submitting to your calling because that is where your fruit is waiting to be revealed!


Sometimes you abide in the wrong things, don’t you?

  • You abide in the wrong relationships, where people can hurt you.
  • You abide in bankrupt atmospheres that don’t grow you financially.
  • You abide in negative conditions that leave you feeling bound.

When we look inside the Scriptures, we discover that the men of Issachar were considered wise because they understood the seasons. (1 Chronicles 12). You must come to understand, God wants to move you from one level to another in order to fulfill His destiny in your life. You will miss stepping into that season until you embrace your calling. Abiding in anything less only puts you at high risk for a missed season!


The truth is God doesn’t call the equipped, He only equips the called! God doesn’t call the equipped, He only equips the called! 


Make no mistake; as you go through life you grow through life. This is what you call, “A process of Divine transformation.” 


God took Joseph from slavery to Pharaoh’s palace and a process of Divine transformation occurred! God took David from being a shepherd to wearing the crown of a king and a process of Divine transformation occurred! The Lord used the stuttering Moses to speak truth to power and a process of Divine transformation occurred!


Upon further examination, you’ll come to realize that none of them were equipped for the call, yet God called them and equipped them through the process of Divine transformation! All they had to do was step into their season like God is calling you forth to step into yours! 


You’ve been praying and seeking the Lord for some major answers and I am here to tell you that which God has given you a sincere hunger for is an indicator of your calling. The issue that God has placed on your heart to dissolve so that His Kingdom can become present, is an indicator of your calling! That’s because THE LORD IS CALLING YOU!


The Lord says that during this season there is a valley of experience you must go through before you can reach the mountaintop. However, you’re EQUIPPED FOR THE CALL. When the fruitfulness arrives in your life, you will be able to sustain it, because YOU’RE EQUIPPED FOR THE CALL! 


Recognizing your calling is the mark of recognizing your season because YOU’LL MISS OUT ON WHAT YOUR SEASON COULD BRING IF YOU MISS YOUR CALL WHENEVER GOD RINGS!


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