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Present world happenings indicate that biblical prophecies are coming into reality

New York City, June 5, 2013 – The calamities, natural disasters, and even the unexplainable movement of the heavenly bodies today are indications that what was written in the bible is coming into reality.

Way back in time in the Bible, and as we all know, prophets has been given visions by God to relay to His people every message He wanted for them to hear and know, as well as prophecies especially of the world in the future- our time. The biblical prophecies were never kept or hidden away from us but were exposed for how many centuries already, and as time goes by, it slowly come into reality.

According to bible experts and scientists who are in-depth of observing and relating everything that was happening around us with what was written in the Bible, the things that we are experiencing today are actually warnings for us to take heed of every single word that was relayed to us by the prophets of the old time, as well as of today. Everything that was told are slowly happening, one by one, thus there should no more time to be wasted.

These circumstances stand as warnings for all of us. However, experts have also told that in order to become more vigilant of these occurrences, utmost help of prophets and fortune tellers are needed. With that Biblical Prophecies is within your reach to give you free personal prophecies which would clear the vagueness you see with everything that is happening in the world today.

In Biblical Prophecies, you will be led by the Master Prophet, Bishop E. Bernard Jordan by his free prophecies. All you have to do is fill up the form you see on the site and submit once done.

For more information, visit Biblical Prophecies and see how it can help you further. You can also directly contact us here and we will immediately respond to your queries.


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