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God Says “No More Delay”

If I can write something today, I will prophesy ” NO MORE DELAY”.  God is stopping delays in your life.

“And he swore by him who lives for ever and ever, who created the heavens and all that is in them, the earth and all that is in it, and the sea and all that is in it, and said, “There will be no more delay!”
(Revelation 10:6)

I was having dinner when I heard the Holy Spirit say, “Procrastination has caused enough damage the lives of God’s people.” In this season yourProphetic Angel is standing guard to make sure that nothing interrupts your sleep during the middle of the night. Too many times the thief showed up and robbed you of the memories of your dreams. Inside of every dream that is sent by the Holy Spirit, there is a letter that needs to be decoded.

You have been blessed with an active imagination. You have spent most of your life outside of the cliques. While the groups were rejecting you, your Prophetic Angel was on guard to make sure that your self-esteem did not suffer. The lions could not consume you and the darkness couldn’t keep you from the light. The enemy is in the business of making God look like an absentee landlord, but your Prophetic Angel is protecting you from living a mediocre life.  You are stepping into the season where you are going to discover your greatness.  I hear God saying, “NO MORE DELAY!”

When the enemy meddled in your affairs he thought that you would eventually quit and say, “This is too much!” But he underestimated your desire to see the promises of God manifest in your life. You are one decision away from allowing the Power of Prophecy to carve out the life you desire. Regardless of the negative events that were thrown your way, with the help of your Prophetic Angel you can weather any storm.

God is moving you to your next appointed destination. Declare with me, “NO MORE DELAY!”

  • Your new circle of friends will be those who will celebrate your victories!
  • Only accept the best that God has for you!
  • Promotion is going to be a game-changer in your life!
  • Live a life without fear and nothing will stand in your way!

Your Prophetic Angel is in your future right now building a safe haven, where you can pray, think and relax. Because you have purposed in your heart to never allow anyone to stop you from receiving God’s best for your life, you are on the brink of receiving a supernatural breakthrough. I hear the Spirit saying, “Think it not strange that you are having dreams about your future. I am taking away your pain and every distraction that tries to rob you of your new season.”
As your personal prophet, I need you to start seeing things through bigger lenses. The vault has been opened. All you have to do is walk in and make your requests known. Stability is coming to your household. Money will be attracted to you in this season. Keep your ears open, because a divine idea is coming your way. Delay does not mean denial!What you have purposed in your heart will manifest in your experience!

“Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.”(Psalm 37:4)
I have prophesied into the lives of thousands of people. Sometimes the dynamics of life are not fair. But when you have a prophet in your life sent by God, all it takes is one word and everything changes. The anointing that is resting on my life is at an all-time high. Is there a word from the Lord, for you? YES, there is! The prophetic word that I have for you is going to position you to walk through the fire and receive God’s overflow for your life. Take your life off pause. Plant your seed in the soil that you know produces fruit.

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60 thoughts on “God Says “No More Delay”

  1. stephen says:

    Man of God pray for me, i need speed in my lice, a business opportunity is at my door step and here we are talking if billions in rands with the one who wants to hire me, with this I will support the kingdom of God

  2. Pinda James Mahlalela says:

    My life was completely shutdown in.2010 as nothing that i do comes to light
    I was cursed in.such.a way that i lost everything i had , i.have nothing now
    Please that delivered and cleansed from these.cursing demons,. I wish God’s grace will rescue me
    I have even wished be.taken away from me
    Please pray for me

  3. Magreth says:

    I’m magrth I’m 35 years old I have 3 children.I’m working but I have too much credit and I want to be out of that credit so I need a miracle money in my life

    • Precious says:

      Man of God please pray for me,i want succsess in my life i nèed a toyota quantum,i want to finishe my debt i want to pray to my family i want to pray for marriege

  4. Teshia Rogers says:

    I am standing in need of Prayer for the call that is on my life, I have a desire to be married, my family and finances. I want to own my own business. But Truly it is what ever God says . I know that this seems like a lot but these are the areas of things that I deal with daily. I want to do the will of my Father and be a wife and have things in order in my family and finances. Thank you so much man of God

  5. Richard Jones says:

    I need a healing in my body owns to restore our church that was damaged in hurricane Mathew I am a minister in that church the pastor doesn’t seem to care but something inside of me tells me that with the help of god I can accomplish great things

  6. sherafina Brown says:

    Man of God I need prayer in my life I have had two surgerys thank God for healing in my body needs prayer in the healing in my son marvin body and. For God to eliminate credit debts I need of miracle money,job and a car to get to appointments,anywhere .

  7. Reburto Euwin Willeman says:

    If you are a really a Prophet of God, please tell what God has to say about me

  8. Joseph Modise says:

    Greetings the man of God…my name is Joseph Modise from the north west ..
    My prayer reguest goes like this”I’ve being retrentrench at work early last year January.. Since then I was struggling to get my money up until now…may the God that u serve shows his mercy upon me..
    I’m also seaking for the new job now..I degree and I declare that the Lion of Judah is gonna Roar upon. My situation”in Jesus name I pray..

  9. Monakisi Kgaogelo Lucia says:

    Man of god I really do respect your miracle I do take you as a second Jesus please man of god do something in my family deliver my family we have been surfarwd since I was born no one is working in my family I know and I believe that you will do something for my family as specially my grandmom and my mom and my aunt and father of my baby who are looking for the job for the long time ago help them papa I trust in you

  10. nompumelelo says:

    Man of God i truly respect your ministry of detailed and accurate prophetic gift. Man of god i strongly believed that you can deliver my marriage that is tormented by jezebel spirit. i am married to a man of god who is ministering in the congregation of 500 – 600 people whereby there is no stability of members. my husband is a great man of god, sweet, loving caring and very supportive toward me. for the past two years he turned to be something else, arrogant, lack of affection, not recognizing me as a great support. I HAVE PRAYED, SOW SEEDS BUT SEEMINGLY ANSWERS ARE DELAYED.

    MAN OF GOD DO SOMETHING IN MY MARRIAGE AND WORK OF GOD, DELIVER MY HUSBAND, PROTECT THE WORK OF GOD. last year in august god gave me the scripture revelation 2:18 -28 where jesus talked to the church of thyatira. man of contact you can contact me @ 0731406706 to speak with me directly.

  11. Thandy says:

    Man of God, it seems like nothing is coming right in my life’s effort. I have been in tears almost everyday due to the emotional suffering and dissapointments in my life. Could you please pray for me.

  12. Charlotte Moono says:

    Papa i went to church first on the 29th January 2017 I bought Lion of Judah healing oil of which i apply it on my open wound, the pain is now worse, what i want to know is, is it normal for me to feel so much pains? Please papa pray for me this pain is killing me. I believe with all my life

  13. Mamoea mine says:

    Man of God prophet of our generation, please pray for me my boss at work hates me to a state that he doesn’t talk to me he always plans of how to fire me, I need financial breakthrough nothing is moving in my life , in my relationship, I’m renting a place I’m not happy with please pray because my salary is not enough to buy a house, I need deliverance in my life

  14. mokale madumo says:

    Major Prophet, I need a prophetic word of direction regarding business, like which ministry to fellowship at,and yes I love ecg with all my. i need a prophetic word in what i should serve god, in my heart i want to be kingdom financier but i also need to know more about my service to the kingdom of god.

  15. Ntomfuthi Lucy says:

    My little sister she’s at hospital it is now a month at Boksburg or thambo hospital she just fell off I think she’s having A stroke please pray with me she must go back to work

  16. jennie crutch says:

    Hello my name is Jennie Crutch and i want to thank you for the prophecy. “no more delay”. I have been struggling all my life to know the purpose god has for me. I am a firm believer in his word and know that god’s way is not man’s way. i ask that when you read this comment to please say a prayer of deliverance for me. i am facing some hard times in my life with my children, finances and love life. only a man of god can help me be delivered through a sincere prayer of faith i know that god will open the shut doors in my life and his blessings and favor will pour out in my life.

  17. Lettie says:

    My life needs a miracle right now. Everthing that was mine, was taken away from me. I believe, in order for the light to shine so brightly the darkness must be present. 1st January 2017…I asked God to bless me with only 3 things in my life….WORK, MONEY and LOVE. Please Father, help me with my Prayer…as i believe ALL SHALL BE WELL!!!!

  18. senzo says:

    man of god plz help me my life is not good im not working every thing is just not happeninig i aplied for jobs but nothing is happening plz pray for me

  19. Lillian says:

    Man of god pray for me ,there is nothing moving in my life .l have nothing and there’s poverty in my family ,delays and rejection in my life. l believe in your god major that is god of wonders and that there nothing impossible with your god papa . Please please pray for me man of god.

  20. hlulani says:

    God of major one please papa I want u deliver me and my family and also improve our standard of living I’m also in need of job,car,house and money,so please cleanse all the sins I’ve commended long ago

  21. nurse says:

    Greetings woman of God, I was totally distressed this afternoon due to disappointments from my partner. I read few spiritual books with no relief but I felt sense of lightness & strength immediately I read your book ‘The voice of God’. Really you ate a true prophetess. May the God Almighty increase you mightly. Thank you

  22. Elaine says:

    All i need is wisdom man of god. pray for me.


  23. Miguel Richardson says:

    My Name is Miguel i am getting Married in May 2017. Trying to understand just what it is in life to recieve from the Lord Jesus Christ Himself .needing my finances to ilprove and for my be paid and wipe my xredit.xlean . Starting over in a Positive what i need in Jesus Name..Amen

  24. Seapose Nelly says:

    Man of God pray for me to release my financial breakthrough, promotion, career,open my spiritual eyes,wisdom,happiness in my life

  25. dipuo luccah selepe says:

    no more this season my prophetic angel is standing guard to make sure that nothing interrupt my sleeping during middle of night.pray for me to have blessed with active imagination.pray for me so that god can move me to my next appointted destination.i declare with my prophet major1 no more delay.promotion is going to be a game changer in my life,money will be attracted to me in this season.

  26. Pastor.Rodgers Kaunda says:

    Man of God pray for my son who drinks and smoke a lot and comes home very late



  28. Moira says:

    Lord i accept your prophesy that you have for me.i claim back what the enemy has stolen from me and my household. Thank you lord for a greater financial breakthrough. I will be short of nothing and i will owe no one anything but to share gods love and victory.. thank you lord for removing any distractions and progrestanation.. this is my season lord!

  29. patricia says:

    man of god please pray for me i am experiencing stagnancy in my life and home i have studied human resources i have been trying to apply but in vain, last week someone asked for my cv the is a human resource position in their office i have set my heart on this position i need god’s mercy to rewrite my life

  30. S. Hamutenya says:

    I need a House, a car, and a baby with my dear wife, I god married since October 2014, but so far i have nothing, good look upon me in jesus christ i prey..amen

  31. Akwaugo says:

    Man of God pray for me, I need higher grace to do the work of God, bcx I cnt do without the grace of God. I also wnt God to fight my battle in this work . tnk you sir

  32. mbomoh says:

    Papa, I want to leave everything and follow your footsteps, please make me your son and groom me to become a prophet. A lot is going on in my country (Cameroon).I want to work like you.presently im in South Africa (mthatha).I can come today if you order.
    I’m anxiously waiting to hear from you papa please.Your God is doing wonders and I know all is true.

  33. Funeka says:

    Thank you Man of God for the prophecy I truly believe in the prophecy

  34. Elizabeth Damon says:

    Papa pls pray for me l need money to start my own business plz pray for me papa

  35. shadreck lungu says:

    prophet Shepherd bushili major 1.
    greetings in the name of our lord Jesus Christ. prophet bushiri i have been following your preaching s on the T.V. in short i am connected to prophetic channel.
    you are really anointed by God and a true man of god that’s why as at now you facing a lot challenges, the fake called men of God are fighting you because you are a true man of God.
    the purpose of writing message to you papa, i am also in trouble here papa i need your agent and serious intervention. my children are bright at school but what surprising me is that when they write exams it becomes a challenge class work they perform extremely well. recently one of them had terrible rushes all of his body. please please, major one i need lion of Juda. you can send it via DHL or by public transport i can able to receive it.
    lastly i am also facing a lot of challenges in the community and as well as at my working place. please please major one i need you AAK Busurka ( the lion of juda)
    very soon i will be among the international visitors. papa pray for me and my family, the Bible says ask shall be given.

    your faithfully ,
    shadreck lungu
    Kitwe – Chimwemwe
    house No 5042
    cell: 0966-677932

  36. vathiswa says:

    Please man of God pray for me I need money and healing in jesus name amen

  37. moses baloyi says:

    Prophet of the Almighty God may the Almighty blesses You and give you more power to help his nation,, I believe in you and I love you,, be blessed.

  38. moses baloyi says:

    All I need is to see YOU and pray for me to bring back the stollen blessing upon my life,,thank you the truly prophet of God.

  39. collins vitalis says:

    prophet of god please help me because the girl i want to marry goat pregnant for me and because i do not have work since they stop us from work she said she dont want us to surfer that she will abort the baby i said no i believe god have a way for us so i dont want to abort the baby i can do any kind of work because of the baby to have live, so i want you to pray for me to favor my mother also is a widow her eye is on me now no progress in my family no happiness pls help me i want your deliverance .

  40. malachy says:

    GOOD MORNING,MAN OF GOD I AM TOTALLY CONFUSE IN LIFE, I need breakthrough in my life there is no happiness in my family no joy ,the doctor says i have memory lose, because of the accident i had in my primary school when i was a chilled in my class i was the one caring first position,in my junior secondary school now,from jss1 now i started caring from 15th 20th, position,please man of god help me, i have been to your church for about seven times man of god please hole me i tried going to school i ended up in ss3 .i tried business, not good is coming out man of god,now i am in Malaysia,to straggle, like me mater nothing good is still coming out of me,i need god grace is all i need i believe that if god grace is on me i can do all thing,s,,,but now i am losing my faith is there is god,if god be god let him do give me ,breakthrough,,,i can not be working for him an others that are not working for him are making it,others that are punting hands in bad things are making it were i am in Malaysia,,,,man of good apart from life i am live am grateful for it apart from live,man of god nothing good has come out of me ,man of god pleas i need breakthrough,,,

  41. Zinhle says:

    Man of god please pray for me… I have a spiritual husband this man use me when ever he like after that a feel a pain in my womb please help… I can’t even have a baby of my own….. I am from South Africa.. I don’t have a job and child but I am 29years old please help me

  42. Prophet kenan phiri says:


  43. Clara says:

    Please pray for healing in my body. and a financial break through also my 2children to get save

  44. maria mokoena says:

    Pray for my family and me

  45. michael olalekan says:

    may the god of major 1 listening and harking to my predicament. i married for many years the fruit of womb is not forth coming tried many ways yet no to the problem but i believe the god of major 1 will do it. 24hrs on prophetic channel watching and listening to prophecy. Dad Prophesying to my life. and help me and my wife

  46. Nokulunga says:

    I thank lord to give us in our days the real Profet to teach us about Word of God or about the deep things of God. I notice it is like the time of Nohua he was telling the people to come build the sheep because the heavy rain is coming. Thank you man of God I learn the lott in your lessons. Yha the people can talk this and that but the Waggon of Eliya is running Haleluya !God is good

  47. maria pinky kekae says:

    I am a widow of 52 years an desperately yearn to visit mayour one on one on one I am still struggling to raise money bt I believe and receive through the god of major 1 prophet Shepherd bushiri

  48. poll says:

    prays the good lord man of God pray for me for financial break throught
    because when i get money it just go like that i dont develop at all. thank u man of God

  49. Ntokozo says:

    I need prayer I start trading with a hope of I’ll benefits but now there is some of delay so pleas e

  50. Lindy says:

    I’m suffering for job and I’m always praying to god asking for strength so that I can abble to provide to my family

  51. talent says:

    Man of God pray for me my exam are near

  52. Obenachale says:

    Man of God may ur blessing flow upon me pray for me let my company set me free I got a new job they want to frustrate my life

  53. Lerato says:

    Man of God could you pray with me my family is facing difficulties.We are not working and that leads to poverty.I have been claim my provident money since April but I didn’t receive it until today.I really do need prayers!!!

  54. Miyelani says:

    Please Prayer For May Businesses and deliverance may wife and son and both may families

  55. ntombelanga Zantsi says:

    In need of a prayer fo my son ntsika ngodi mzamo.Epiletic, depends on disposables, can’t talk, can’t help himself with his hands.He is mentally challenged.He will be 19years on the 11:11:2017.he got sick @ age 18months, a very early age.i claim the health of my son inJesus’name.

  56. Baloyironica says:

    Hello.Pastor .am Baloyi modadjo ronica .am 24yrs old .I have only 1 daughter who have 2yrs age.I Ned man of god to pray for my fathers child to stop drinking alcohol & smoking .O really want to see a miracle happening for m & the father of my child back together love each other & serve god present. And I really want job .I summited my c.v at Woolworths ,betting world this month. .man of God .I knw with my faith when u start to read and pray for m.With my faith am going to receive all my blessings. Thank u

  57. sepina says:

    Man of God,please pray for deliverance for my son Matome,he has rebellious & disrespectful nature & hs dont like going to school & church. My brother Tebogo is mentally disturbed,please pray for his deliverance. I have fabroid operation on me,it dies not heal,please pray for my healing, I also need a new job in Water Quality, wisdom & financial breakthrough. Please protect my son Molefi, his grand-parents,aunt,uncles,cousins. Amen

  58. Benjamin Itodo. E. says:

    my prayer reqiest! help pray that GodAlmight who is higher than the highest who know the thruth of every mattar should step into the issueof land between my cousen brother and mysilf who wanted to kill me and takeover my father’s land,help pray that God will remove him from way in Jesus name.Amen.

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