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GOD IS NEVER LATE! You may be late; your friends, colleagues and family members may be late; but God is NEVER late. He is always working on your “tomorrow”. The enemy would love for you to think that God’s alarm clock doesn’t work. He would love nothing more than to see you blaming God for being late on the scene. The enemy will even try to use your delayed blessings as a weapon of defeat. BUT THE DEVIL IS A LIAR! The Father’s divine, set time will always trump man’s time! ALWAYS!



The enemy knows you are about to recover all that was stolen from you, but he is not going to let it happen without a fight.

The enemy wants you to believe that when you call on the Father, nothing will happen for you. BUT BE NOT DECEIVED…GOD CAN DO ANYTHING! The enemy’s goal is to stop you from receiving your prophetic promise. You are about to see the promises of God unfold in your life, but he is not going to let it happen without a fight! The enemy will even try to use your prayer life against you. The enemy likes to watch you say: “I know what happened the last time I prayed for help, my lights got turned off.” “What am I waiting for, if they haven’t called by now, I didn’t get the job.”

There are some promises that were made to you before the foundation of the world. God had you on His mind before He uttered the first, “Let there be.” While the world was in chaos, He was preparing you for your journey here on earth. Your prophetic promise is not contingent upon man’s perception or timing! What God has started in you, He will see to completion.

Those nights that you thought you were lost and you could not find your way, He was there all the time guiding you, protecting you and watching over you to ensure that His Word would not return to Him void. It’s amazing how you can convince yourself that God is not there. THE DEVIL IS A LIAR!

Say right now, “Father, I trust you and I trust your timing.” You may have appeared anxious and impatient in times past, but today, you are putting your faith in overdrive and believing the Word that is being spoken through the prophet. Your seed today sets the record straight!

Think about some of the enemy’s tactics. He will have you believe that everyone you know is working against you and talking behind your back. If you’re not careful, he will convince you that life is not fair and that you don’t stand a chance of success.

When things are being held up in the Spirit, it does not mean denial. It’s just waiting on “DIVINE TIMING!” Delayed does not mean, nor will it ever mean, denied! Your perception of God’s promises being delayed in your life is based on man’s time and conditions. But God works within His own timetable. He is never late! Shout now, with divine intention… “GOD CAN DO ANYTHING!”

It’s time to change your perception, because man’s timing can become a thief in the night. It’s time to take our lives back. You are about to embark on a new journey that is going to open you up to endless possibilities. Don’t let fear, doubt or skepticism block your blessings. Your faith is vital and will unlock blessings for which only God can take the credit.

Allow your mind to be consumed with God and what God is doing in your lives. You don’t have time to feel sorry for yourself!

Rise up and start speaking prophetically over your life!
Allow the anointing of God to be stirred up in your life!

Ezekiel was given the task to prophesy to the dry bones. When he opened up his mouth, he released the prophetic declaration that the dry bones shall live. The Bible doesn’t tell us how long the bones had to wait to receive the full manifestation of their prophecy. Ezekiel just trusted the process. When God and His Word showed up on the scene, the perception changes from “delayed” to “Divine Timing”.

Your destiny is too important to give up for anything or anyone! Your prophetic promise is waiting on you to decree it and declare it. Get ready to see that which was dormant begin to come alive right before our eyes.

Declare right now, “Everything God promised me, I shall receive!”

How you communicate with yourself will determine the final outcome of your life. Speak life into the dead places. Never allow what you do not have to stop you from dreaming of what you can have. Walk in the posture that you were created to walk. You are the head and not the tail! You are above only! You decide what you want your bank account to look like! You decide what you want your health to reflect! You decide your level of happiness. Your faith will take you as far as you allow it!


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