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Command The Blessing Of Philippians 4:19

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You can command the blessing that God have given you? The Lord want you to command the blessing.

It’s ok, to Believe the Prophet.  Trust me because

  • Your free prophecy has an innovative solution to your problem.
  • Your free prophecy is your superior shield in the face of battle.
  • Your free prophecy will reveal the fortune of your hidden destiny

Nowhere and I mean absolutely nowhere in his entire teaching does Jesus tell us anything that we cannot do. He simply asks, “Do you believe?”

I want you to join my prophecy list today… I am writing, because I want you to believe that there is no limit to your capacity for achievement when you believe the prophet. Jesus said, “He that believeth in me, the works that I do shall he do also; and the greater works than these shall he do.”

The Bible says,

But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.
(Philippians 4:19)

I want you to command the blessing of this anointed scripture because I see ALL YOUR NEED being met with VELOCITY! Speak life that there is no situation God can’t see you through even the one that took place just some time ago. Believe the prophet. As your personal prophet, I must make you aware that God has declared the truth of you to me in a form of a wondrous prophecy. The only thing and I do mean the only thing that you have to do is believe the prophet.

I wrote this today because I believe in you. There really isn’t any other way for me to put it. Your answer is in my mouth! Are you ready to hear your answer? Do you want the Lord to step into your situation? Do you believe the prophet? Connect with me now because God reveals the most amazing secrets to me about your life… secrets that will…

  • Usher you into a new and exciting beginning after the storm passes.
  • Create revolutionary changes in your home and work environment.
  • Improve and heighten your spiritual walk with God this year and beyond.

Get Your Free Prophecy today.

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15 thoughts on “Command The Blessing Of Philippians 4:19

  1. Melvin Manzini says:

    I am ready for my blessings and I believe in the prophets of true and living God ,because the Bible instruct us to believe in the prophets and we will be blessed

    • fuda says:

      Dyill waiting for my mattiage breAkthrough but through my faith i believe my prophecy

      • fuda says:

        Gods promise is yes n Amen so m still waiting with patience. For god said never leave nor forsake me. I trust n believe prophecy from His mouth Amen

  2. tebogo says:

    I believe that God will change the situation. That hinder my work ,my home environment and improve my spiritual walk in Jesus name.

  3. Justice Motshavani says:

    I need to have a progress in my Christian walk: my life, my family and the ministry that I’m pastoring. And, yes, I believe the prophet!

  4. salome judith leshi says:

    Salome says: i need god’s supernatural power to move in my spiritual life,my businesses and my finances,and yes i believe the prophet

  5. Josiah says:

    I want God give me real strength and energy to fight all the difficulties in every day

  6. Ntombi says:

    Yes I believe in every tht God says

  7. NOZIPHO says:

    I believe every thing that God is saying and yes I believe the prophecy

  8. thoko mkwanazi says:

    Don’t be scared but be still and praise I have given you the keys to your destiny

  9. Gloria says:

    I believe the profit to bring progeny into my life what God is saying. I receive it with my whole heart.

  10. Moeta says:

    Yes i belive with allbmy heart.

  11. Gloria says:

    I thank the Lord for a Prophet that kan lead us with God’s truth. I can’t wait to hear from the Prophet my own message from God. I thank you for giving us a word to help me so I can help others. GOD BLESS YOU ABOUNDENTLY.

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