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Get Your Prophetic Annulment To Divorce You from the Wrong Future

It is time to get your prophetic annulment to divorce you from the wrong future.   Let’s look at the story of Nabal who was a rich Calebite married to a wise woman named Abigail. Nabal was a surly and bad-tempered landowner who refused to help David when he needed provisions (1 Samuel 25). Nabal’s […]

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Defining the Prophet

What is a prophet? In the old times, a prophet was an individual receiving a call from God, God’s spokesperson. He often connects with some crisis that is about to occur. He then announces God’...

the pit

Learn the Mirroring Technique

The mirroring technique is an effective way to build rapport... The Mirror Pattern Step 1. Select a subject. Choose someone you want to have a conversation with. But do not tell this person that ...


Understanding What Rapport Is

So in a nutshell, rapport may be defined in the best way that most people might define it; it is the quality of synchronization, congruency, and harmony of communication between two people. Additio...

God's promises

Believe In God’s Promises

Do you believe in God's promises? Let's take some time to learn from Abraham's experience... Abraham is the father of faith because his faith was tested so many times and for most of these times, ...

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