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Be Aware! Don’t Invite Poverty Inside of Your Home!

Are you allowing poverty to find a new home in yours?   The Lord revealed that it’s your unique mental appetite to see an opportunity just not for what it is, but for what it could be that will separate you and the poor. Poverty begins to show up wherever sleep begins!   Your hands […]

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God Provides Supernatural Financial Increase In Your Life

A supernatural financial increase is coming your way. Stop fussing, arguing, and fighting about your finances. It will not change your circumstances. God and only God shall give you immeasurabl...

anointed believer

Anointed Believers

Are you an anointed believer? The distinguishing feature of anointed believers today is that they have eyes to see, ears to hear, and a pure heart to obey all that the Lord has spoken. They are...

anointed believer

Do You Want to See Yourself Covered in Glory?

God is holding a picture of you covered in GLORY! As the Holy Spirit directs your spiritual eyesight towards your greater and grander future, you are going to witness a remarkable transformatio...

Get Through the Pit

Today, You’ll Get Through the Pit

When standing in the midst of what looks like the ‘pit’, remember these five words: TODAY, YOU’LL GET THROUGH IT!   The pit is a terribly dreadful place, but there’s a guiding li...

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