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I have been thinking of you lately. This morning, when I read your name on my hallowed prophetic supplication list, the Lord started to show me a prophetic vision of a lady who was trying to steal your power!   You are probably wondering who is this lady. The Lord quickly started to answer me […]

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Having Your Own Mind

The account that tells us to keep all of God’s decrees in the book of Leviticus, warns us that although many have fallen into sinful ways, we must not follow suit, lest we wish to suffer the same...

Liberty is Free

God has given us dominion over all things. How far does that dominion go? How free are we? Since time immemorial, there have been wars and rumors of wars. People kill each other over gaining ad...

Personal Prophecy

Baptized to Christ

God placed us in Christ when He died so that we might share His death and thus come into the benefits of that identification with Him. We were placed in a new environment, Christ. We have a vital...

Seeking God

Pleasing God

If we do things with attitude of praise, except for sin, God is pleased. God as our Father, He enjoys watching us use the talents He has given us. For His enjoyment, He intentionally gave us ta...

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