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Get Your Prophetic Annulment To Divorce You from the Wrong Future

It is time to get your prophetic annulment to divorce you from the wrong future.   Let’s look at the story of Nabal who was a rich Calebite married to a wise woman named Abigail. Nabal was a surly and bad-tempered landowner who refused to help David when he needed provisions (1 Samuel 25). Nabal’s […]

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Improve your Spiritual Vision

Spiritual Vision Needs Improvement

Are you ready to see things clearly?   The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no VISION. Your spiritual vision is important! It allows you to see both greater unseen ...

Seeking God

Seeking God in Hopes of Glory

What was your most recent conversation with God like? You may have been crying out for help. You may have been asking for clarity concerning your situation. You may have been seeking God...

Your Angelic Visitation

Angelic Visitation in Dreams

Did you know that you can have an angelic visitation through a dream? You dream every night because your imagination or your subconscious is always playing something out powerfully. It’s time ...

Choose the path that leads to your destiny

How to Choose Your Path

How many times have you asked yourself, "What is my destiny?" How many times have you wondered, “Where will my destiny lead me?”   If you are facing a fork in the road, what do you d...

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