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Many Are the Afflictions

Many Are the Afflictions

Psalms 34:19 in the Bible says, “Many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the LORD delivereth him out of them all.”  You’ve faced affliction before, haven’t you? You may even be experiencing some form of affliction right now. The enemy is constantly trying to infiltrate our lives with suffering, but the mantle of God […]

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Knowing Moses

From Prince of Egypt to Servant of God Moses’s life was characterized by faith right from his birth. He was saved by the faith of his parents when they disobeyed Pharaoh by not having their son ...

value of relationships

Know The Value of Relationships

When you know the value of relationships, you will do what it takes to nurture it. According to Dr. Ron Smothermon, life is all about the discovery of the self. We exist, we feel and we survive to...

Keep the Records Straight

Since the creation of the Bible, we have been able to read and learn a lot of stories. Stories about how the world was created, how great men rose to power, how men had their downfall, and generall...

Always Be Thankful

Expressing gratitude is one of the attitudes that one must develop within oneself. Everyday, we do things for people and they do things for us. This exchange is something that must be appreciat...

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