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Let Go of Selfishness and Share Greater Love

Selfishness prevents us from transforming our relationships. The existence of our lives may be all about the discovery of self. We validate it through relationships, but the existence of relationships is not about one’s life alone; it is more about the lives joined together. Relationships are not about me, myself, mine and I; it is […]

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Transformation Tips: Know Where It Begins

Transformation Tips: Know Where It Begins

Transformation doesn't happen overnight; but these transformation tips will help you achieve the changes you desire... Mahatma Gandhi once said that we must be the change that we want to see in th...


Secret of Transformation: Know Your Desires for It

The secret of transformation is knowing exactly your desires for it. Until then, you cannot expect real transformation to happen. Changes are inevitable, but not transformation. We can expect chan...


Real Transformation and Your Present Relationships

Once we know the real meaning of transformation and relationships, it is now easy to understand and develop a transformed relationship. Knowing that we are merely incapable of surviving without a ...

Characteristics of General and Specific Individuals

People with a more "specific" orientation succeed when it comes to managing smaller and detailed projects. They see specific details separately and tend to have a difficult time processing the com...

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