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Expose the Haman in your life

Expose the “Haman” in Your Life

Did you know that one sleepless night has the power to rescue you from your plight?   The Book of Esther in the Bible tells us the story of Esther, King Ahasuerus, Haman and Mordecai. Two years after Queen Vashti was deposed, Esther became the wife of King Ahasuerus and queen in Vashti’s place. Then, […]

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Your Angelic Visitation

Angelic Visitation in Dreams

Did you know that you can have an angelic visitation through a dream? You dream every night because your imagination or your subconscious is always playing something out powerfully. It’s time ...

Choose the path that leads to your destiny

How to Choose Your Path

How many times have you asked yourself, "What is my destiny?" How many times have you wondered, “Where will my destiny lead me?”   If you are facing a fork in the road, what do you d...

Transfer of Treasure

Transfer of Treasure

Words have power. They have the power to lift us up, but they also have the power to bring us down. When we encounter trials and tribulations, we must focus on the word that brings us life. We must...

Use what God has already equipped you with

Use What God Has Equipped You With

It’s time for us to look at what God has already given us. God has equipped His people in various ways. We have all been given different talents and abilities and each one of us is unique. For ex...

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